Monday, August 1, 2016

How I Chose My Major

So,you ask, how did I end up choosing my major? That is a funny story. I got a communication degree from Michigan State University. Lets back track to freshman year of college. I pretty much made fun of anyone with any type of lower tier liberal arts degree. (I know I am a jerk, I am working on it.)  This is even funnier because I just so happened to be a political science major and I wanted to be Pre-law. This gets even funnier because this was the back end of the recession and new lawyers were just not needed. 

The summer before my sophomore year I had the pleasure of going to a talk with the Governor of Michigan. He had an extraordinary plan for his life he wanted to go into business to make money for his family, wanted to go into public service to give back, and on a smaller scale go into teaching to give back even more. THIS is what I wanted to do I knew it. I was interning in business and wanted THIS life. I found an awesome program at Northwestern where you could get your MBA and law degree in three years flat. I WANTED THAT!

Little did I know I actually hate numbers. I think I hate numbers more than I hate scrubbing floor boards and self help how to fix your own car talk. I hate death by power point and rules and that is all business is about. I quickly found out I would never be an accountant or a financial adviser. ONE thing that was good did come from an accounting class. I had to read the book Never Eat Alone (Which I do not necessarily agree with the title, but I am also not a CEO so don't listen to me. HOWEVER sometimes a girl has got to recharge so eat alone if you need to!) 

This book is amazing though. It basically tells you to follow your heart. AND what did little 19 year old Bridgette's heart tell her? JUNIOR YEAR YOU SHOULD BE A CREATIVE ADVERTISING MAJOR!!!!!! What did the army tell her? GO GET YOUR SCHEDULE FIGURED OUT BEFORE WE APPROVE THIS NONSENSE MAJOR!!!

In September I asked what I needed to do to graduate next May. My adviser laughed at me, "You won't be graduating until the next year if you are a creative advertising major". She looks like she graduated last week and has her old sorority mementos littering her office . 

Tears started filling my eyes. The only reason I even got my scholarship was because of my graduation date. I did not have 20,000 dollars to pay for a school year, and according to my calculations I would have to work 7 billion hours at my secretary job to pay for that. My adviser saw that I was almost in full meltdown mode. "I mean what do you want out of your college career? Research? Internships? Experience?" 

"I JUST WANT TO GRADUATE!" I said trying to not to actually cry just yet, but putting just enough emotion into it to show that this was do or die.  

"Oh my gosh that is way too easy. Do you want to be a communications major? I can get  you out of here by then with a com degree?" 

And just like that, ladies and gentleman, I signed up for the most made fun of major (besides English majors, BUT hey I've met some cool English majors in my day). To be honest, it was not all that bad. I specialized in corporate communications which is essentially business without all of the numbers! Everything worked out, and I want you to know that everything will work out for you too!


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