Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Favorites

Every single weekend in August I traveled. It was an amazing month, and it flew by. I got to see a lot of great friends and spend time with some new ones. My phone did not work at all for the whole month, so I have NO PICTURES. I know, why did I even leave the house. I honestly absolutely adore South Carolina. It is central to everything and everyone. I am really going to miss this place when I leave.

With all that said about the month of August, I brought nothing down south. I brought two suits, a cocktail dress, two rompers, workout clothes, and jeans. I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get these month's favorites because I do not think anyone wants to see cheap beer, cut off shorts, and men's tshirts. (Yes I did wear a men's section t-shirt to go out earlier in the month. I'm just recently post grad! Don't Judge, I'm still figuring out how to be an adult. #BreakingGenderNorms?) Even my Pinterest is just filled with quotes. This was a rough month for favorites!  Without further ado here is everything that got me through the month and that I loved about August. 

Hotel Chevalier// I could not stop thinking about this short film. Wes Anderson always knows how to get you straight in the feelings department. It is never a in your face, it is more of a creep into your soul throughout the day type thing. If you have a minute go ahead and give this one a look. (Plus the colors are phenomenal). 

Day Designer// I am a planner addict I will admit it, but this planner will kick you into high gear. I just got this one for the year and let me tell you, it is amazing. It is always sold out, but if you can get your hands on it I would highly recommend it. 

La Croix Coconut// I am not a sweets person, this is just enough flavor to wish you are on a beach. I drink this in class and I feel like I am sipping on a pina colada.  (You can buy this anywhere, but the best deals are at Target) 

Little White Dress// I am the biggest sucker for a white dress (and sweater). White is not a good color on me, it makes me look so pale, but a white dress? I can not pass up And how cute is this casual white dress. 

Mom Jeans// I thought I was OVER jeans. So funny to let myself think that. However, mom jeans are a game changer, I look like an adult and trendy at the same time. A win for everyone at every level. 

Love Stories// Short stories (like short films) have all of the feels without all of the time. It is like a microwave meal, but for your brain. Take a gander at this if you just need something to read for short periods.  

Map Prints// Map prints now come in coffee mugs, so do with that what you want. This is amazing. (PLUS an great gift for.... for anyone... but anyone who love to travel, or go places.)

Hope everyone has the most delightful September!


Monday, August 29, 2016

It will be Won in the Trenches

If you are from the south you can disregard this whole message. If you are in the north you know that fall mornings can be freezing and then by noon you want to wear shorts again. Once I moved to Michigan getting a fall jacket was life changing. I got a military jacket that just falls past my hips and covers my bottom. This is amazing. You can throw this over anything and look put together. Not to mention a good trench coat is basically wearing a blanket out. Here are some of my favorite jackets for this fall. (Also I have to make a note. I am very proud of this title. Get it? Trench Coats?!)



Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tips for College Freshman

College is awesome, you learn so much about everything in four little years. I will be hard, it will be stressful but you will get through it. I transferred schools after my freshman year, so I was a freshman twice. Now that I am in post grad status I have the wisdom to give advice (okay, no I do not but I am going to give it anyway). Here are some tips that I would give my freshman year self.

The First Semester kind of Stinks// I had an awesome first semester both times, but there are a lot of changes. You don't have friends you can run to for every little thing, you are in a new place, and everything is new. It can be hard, but I promise give it six months and it will get better. The second semester is always way better. 

Do Not Force Friendships// Things will happen organically (mostly second semester), so take the time to settle in find what you want and the friends will come. 

Put Yourself out There// Freshman year is the one year you can show up anywhere with no explanation other than the fact that you are a freshman. Go to everything! Join the clubs you want to join, go to dinner when random people on your hall ask you to, and just experience. I am not a party person whatsoever, but college is the one time you can go to all of those events and not be looked down for it. Take advantage of that! 

 Stay Healthy// Don't forget to still eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and schedule times to work out a couple of times a week. Things can get a little hectic and getting unhealthy is the last thing you need to think about. 

On Going Out// Do not go out Sunday night through Wednesday night. Unless Taylor Swift is going to be on main street there is no reason to do this. Get sleep, remember to study, and I promise you will not regret it. 

Go to Office Hour// No one goes to office hours, ever. Professors love it when you show up. Even if you ask a fake question, show up for 5 minutes. The professor will learn your name and see that you are trying.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sip and Gogh

Van Gogh is hands down my favorite artist. I think it is one part he uses a lot of blue, and the other part I love how blurry everything is. My favorite painting ever is Adeline Ravoux. You have to see this painting in person the screen just does not do it justice. In person the colors are just more intense, you have to see it. 
A couple of my classmates recently got together and had a night of wine. This was an awesome activity for co-workers. I keep slipping and stating activities I like and adding, "... But this is way more fun when you are drinking." That comes up way more than it probably should, but in this case paining goes in that category. It was a great time and here is the result!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Glass Slippers

Growing up (back in elementary school... okay maybe up to high school) I always had sparkle shoes. Always. I loved them, and if they were in a neutral color, you could wear them everything, right?! No. As an adult, you probably should not be wearing sparkle shoes anymore. They probably do not even make sparkle shoes anymore for adults. However I found a loophole. Here are some sparkle shoes that are just subtle enough to wear as a real life grownup. 

Love the Miss Selfridge booties for going out!


Friday, August 5, 2016

The Good Book Club: The Hopefuls

I am slowly but surely getting through some books this summer. The nonfiction books are taking me a little longer than thought. The fiction books are turning more into beach reads. I actually found this book via an ad on Instagram. (Best social media platform). I ordered this book mainly because the first quote is, "Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm." - JFK. If you have lived in both the north and the south, this is everything. 

I started thumbing through the book and I could not put it down. I know you are not suppose to judge a book by its cover, but seriously it is too cute. I have been on this kick where I like to read books about either young married couples or unhappy marriages. ( I know typical com major wanting to learn about dysfunctional relationships). I this book is about a young married couple that just moved to Washington D.C. and the wife is feeling a little out of place while the husband is loving his fast paced political career. Check it out for yourself!

Also after reading this book I love Jennifer Close. I think she might be a new favorite author. (Check out an interview with her here) (Get the book here)


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jammin' on My Planner

I am having a style crisis and this is very evident on how clashing these planner designs are. I am usually all about the all american prep type style, but lately I have been feeling the Wes Anderson/ Effortless European Styles. I blame this on one part this French It Girl jargon being thrown down our throats. The second part is my tip to Europe. While I am having a style crisis, I picked out some of my favorite planner picks:

 seven// eight// nine 
For the past two years I have been using the Lilly Pulitzer planner. I have loved it. I was not going to get it for senior year because I wanted something that looked more professional for job searching, it is too great I could not pass it up. This year (By year I mean school year because #PostGrad) , I changed it up. I got the Day Designer from Target. This makes you obsessed with your planner. I want to schedule everything. It is so easy to keep everything organized. I would highly recommend it!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Southern Weekend

I feel like every weekend is a party in the south. Well, actually I go out of my way to keep myself busy down here. I love my hotel room, but if I am in there too long I start to go crazy. I try to have one big activity planned a weekend, and then I just tend to wander around the other day. Last weekend I left to grab coffee and ended up going to a museum and tour around the city. There is a lot to do as long as you go out looking for it! I am spending the weekended with friends, and here is everything I will be wearing!

Life was made easy, you can throw everything in one bag. You get to your destination and what is the first thing you do?! Say hi and SLEEP! It has been a long week and you have a big day ahead of you. Plus life feels so much more put together when you are wearing a PJ set. 

 Why are you golfing?! You are in the south. Everyone golfs. The weather is always nice so you have all year to work on your golf game. How great are golf clothes? Also, side note I wish golf shoes looked like this growing up, golf shoes used to be the worst. Then there is even more time in the sun so do not forget to throw a swim suit in your bag!

The outdoors is done, and AC is back to being your best friend. I love the shorts and the off the shoulder top with the earrings for an easy going around town outfit. Slip on the dress for a more dressed up look. When I saw this dress in stores I stopped everything, the print and colors are amazing. 


Monday, August 1, 2016

How I Chose My Major

So,you ask, how did I end up choosing my major? That is a funny story. I got a communication degree from Michigan State University. Lets back track to freshman year of college. I pretty much made fun of anyone with any type of lower tier liberal arts degree. (I know I am a jerk, I am working on it.)  This is even funnier because I just so happened to be a political science major and I wanted to be Pre-law. This gets even funnier because this was the back end of the recession and new lawyers were just not needed. 

The summer before my sophomore year I had the pleasure of going to a talk with the Governor of Michigan. He had an extraordinary plan for his life he wanted to go into business to make money for his family, wanted to go into public service to give back, and on a smaller scale go into teaching to give back even more. THIS is what I wanted to do I knew it. I was interning in business and wanted THIS life. I found an awesome program at Northwestern where you could get your MBA and law degree in three years flat. I WANTED THAT!

Little did I know I actually hate numbers. I think I hate numbers more than I hate scrubbing floor boards and self help how to fix your own car talk. I hate death by power point and rules and that is all business is about. I quickly found out I would never be an accountant or a financial adviser. ONE thing that was good did come from an accounting class. I had to read the book Never Eat Alone (Which I do not necessarily agree with the title, but I am also not a CEO so don't listen to me. HOWEVER sometimes a girl has got to recharge so eat alone if you need to!) 

This book is amazing though. It basically tells you to follow your heart. AND what did little 19 year old Bridgette's heart tell her? JUNIOR YEAR YOU SHOULD BE A CREATIVE ADVERTISING MAJOR!!!!!! What did the army tell her? GO GET YOUR SCHEDULE FIGURED OUT BEFORE WE APPROVE THIS NONSENSE MAJOR!!!

In September I asked what I needed to do to graduate next May. My adviser laughed at me, "You won't be graduating until the next year if you are a creative advertising major". She looks like she graduated last week and has her old sorority mementos littering her office . 

Tears started filling my eyes. The only reason I even got my scholarship was because of my graduation date. I did not have 20,000 dollars to pay for a school year, and according to my calculations I would have to work 7 billion hours at my secretary job to pay for that. My adviser saw that I was almost in full meltdown mode. "I mean what do you want out of your college career? Research? Internships? Experience?" 

"I JUST WANT TO GRADUATE!" I said trying to not to actually cry just yet, but putting just enough emotion into it to show that this was do or die.  

"Oh my gosh that is way too easy. Do you want to be a communications major? I can get  you out of here by then with a com degree?" 

And just like that, ladies and gentleman, I signed up for the most made fun of major (besides English majors, BUT hey I've met some cool English majors in my day). To be honest, it was not all that bad. I specialized in corporate communications which is essentially business without all of the numbers! Everything worked out, and I want you to know that everything will work out for you too!

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