Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June Favorites

Summer officially started in June! I finally got to break out the shorts (okay, I was wearing a sweatshirt with them). I only made one trip up north this summer, but it was totally worth it. I got to see my sister graduate, I had my graduation party, and I got to see family and friends before I made it to South Carolina!

The month of June was 50% crazy busy and 50% relaxing. Here is everything that got me through the month.

One// Lot of relaxing meant, lots of wearing PJs and robes. I love my Jcrew linen robe, but this is so so cozy.

Two// Off the shoulder shirts are everywhere, and I jumped on that train. 

Three// This under eye pep start from clique is amazing. It feels like you are wearing a cold press on your face. 

Four// This is my biggest guilty pleasure. I think I watched this whole season in one week. 

Five// I am not a contourer what so ever. I try to stay up on the trends, but lately I feel like beauty trends just recently got more difficult. I did like this kit. I normally gravitate towards powders, but the cream was a great option as well. Also this palette is perfect for those with the fairest of them all of the skin tones. #PaleIsTheNewTan 

Six// This foundation brush is a game changer. I throw my makeup on. Sometimes it is so bad that I get in my car and there are just streaks everywhere. This brush gives such a great finish, and even the laziest of people can look airbrushed. 

Seven// These Shorts.  When I was younger I had shorts that looked exactly like these. (A little more appropriate for a four year old). I wore them to death. I think I wore them every day for months. They had little embroidered pink flowers. I thought I was a rock star. I love this revamped look. 

Eight// I never wear a swimsuit. I probably wear a swim suit 7 times a year tops. I am also not one for patterns, but I love a pattered swimsuit.   

Nine// I love a good slide on shoe, and these are great for running errands. 


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