Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Favorites

July was a straight blur. I honestly do not know how it went by so fast. I pretty much got settled into living in South Carolina. I have this weird that that I think I know where I am, and how to get back to my apartment so I refuse to use the GPS. I end up getting lost more than any human should. I have found a lot of little hidden gems though. There is a huge art population in Columbia, so I will have to check that out soon.

THIS post is not about what I will be doing, it is about what I did in July. I went on a last second trip to myrtle beach. I went tubing, which I have found out going from point A to point B on a tube is not my thing. Swimming? Yes. Staying in a river for 5 hours? No.

Other than that settling in is going great. It is such a small bubble being down here, it almost feels like a summer camp. Here is everything that kept me together all month. 

1. Nest Candle// I am a sucker for a good candle. This cedar leaf lavender one from nest is amazing. It has the sweet lavender, but more of a musk smell with the cedar leaf.
2. Halter Dresses// I have the body of a 12 year old boy, so I take what I can get on flattering cuts. I love the halter that shows off the shoulders.
3. Nyx Embellishment Lipstick// This lipstick is everything.  I think this is my holy grail lipstick color. This looks perfect with any black or neutral color outfit. I feel like Kilie Jenner with the lip color on.
4. Mumford and Sons// I am so late to the game on this one. I can not stop listening to this album. I feel like the whole album is about growing up and leaving behind some people. I love just smoke I think I have listened to it on repeat probably a million times. The best lines, "Tell my thoughts to resign And lift you from my mind" and "Thought we were done Young love would keep us young". Also The Wolf, Wilder minds, and Ditmas are amazing.
5. Stripe Shirts// For once in my life I thought it was a great idea to under pack for something. That something just so happened to be for 3 months. I have no clothes. I did bring 3 cocktail dresses though. because priorities, am I right? This has led me to have to buy some clothes. The problem is there are almost no clothing options here. I have tried to spend money and can not. I have bought a lot of stripe shirts on sale and that has been my go to outfit lately. 
6. Monogram necklace// This was the best graduation gift ever given to me. Yes, the cash in June was amazing. That got me from point A to point B comfortably. The monogrammed necklace was way too kind and I wear it almost everyday and it will always remind me of graduating. 
7. Pastel Trench// I have not been wearing this what so ever during the month of July. However, I am looking for one for my trip to Europe. I want one with a hood, so I am not sure how fashion forward that would be. Send options if you find them


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