Thursday, July 14, 2016

First Apartment

Congrats you are moving to your first apartment! It is not as glamours as you have it thought out to be, BUT you do not live with your parents so it can not be all that bad! Personally for me, being an upperclassman in college everyone moves off campus. There are so many perks to living off campus. No more RAs, which can either be good or bad. 

Once my parents were helping me unload something into my apartment leaving the door open. Then all of a sudden a dog walks in. No big deal, right? Well, following the dog was half of the hockey team... with 40 ounces of beer taped to both of their hands. 

My dad thought this was great, he asked the guys loads of questions, and to this day talks about how he too wants to do this. I just stood there mortified. Oh the joys of being in your own place!

Everyone Gets Annoyed with their roommate// That means your roommate will probably get annoyed with you too. Be patient with everyone, and talk about issues you might be having. 

Bills// Unless utilities are included just remember that you will probably be adding on an extra 100 dollars a month in bills. Also, apartment needs are expensive. Who knew furniture could cost so much! 

Living with friends// This is either so much better or worse for a friendship. If keep boundaries and make sure people have their privacy, treat them like roommates during the week, and friends during the weekend you should be fine.

Noise// College apartments are so loud. There are no RAs to keep the noise to a minimum be aware. 


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