Thursday, July 7, 2016

5 Best Mascaras

I have tried so many mascaras and they can either be a real hit, or a miss. It is such a stab in the heart when you get one that is horrible. I do not have any crazy makeup tips, but I do have recommendations for an easy coat on your eyelashes.  
Cover Girl/My go to mascara that I always end up coming back to is Cover girl's lash blast. I think this is everyone's fan favorite. 
Benefit//I heard about They're real from my sister. This seriously makes you look like you are wearing fake lashes. 
Sephora// This Sephora  mascara is a hit or miss for some people. I love it because I love layering on my mascara, but if you have problems with clumping this one is not for you. 
Too Faced// This Too Faced one will give major volume without going over the top. 
Urban Decay // Lastly, I love this Urban Decay one that goes with every other mascara, I keep this one in my bag. 

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