Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What is in My Summer Bag

I will admit it, I have an extremely scattered brain. I forget everything, I think at a million miles a minute, I can not help it. Because of this I am a creature of habit. I have a set routine, I write everything down, and organize my day hour by hour. I have a few necessities that I bring everywhere I go so I can stay in check. 
The Bag// I need a Bag that is big enough to hold everything, and small enough to carry around everywhere. This is the perfect size, plus the colors are great for summer. 
Chapstick// I am always dehydrated, so this is a need.
Portable phone charger// I would be lost without my phone, so this always comes in handy.
Water Bottle// Again, always dehydrated. I never the leave the house without this.
Moleskine// I write down all of my to-do list in here. This keeps my head straight, and makes sure that everything gets done.
Sunglasses// My eyes are extremely sensitive, so I always have a pair with me.
Headphones// If I walk anywhere I always have music on, or I am listening to a podcast.
Planner// I write down everywhere I need to be that day,  due dates for projects and bills. If it is not in the planner, I will not be there. 
A Book// I always carry around a book with me, because someone is always running late and this gives me something to do. Right now I am reading rich bitch.


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