Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer 2016 Wish List

1. Wedge Heels// I have been seeing everyone wear these! In Michigan there is a town called Royal Oak, this is a very young town, and every single person on the main street was wearing these shoes.
2. Seersucker Swing Dress// This dress is perfect for just throwing on. Plus it is so easy you do not need a ton of pieces to go with it. 
3. Statement Earrings// So cute to go with just a white tshirt and jeans. I love these because they go with everything.
4. Pink Trench// If I am going to get anything a Pink trench is what I want. This is perfect if you live in the north and it still gets cold. I love wearing a trench coat to work, it looks so professional.
5. Robe// I love mornings, and with summer they can basically last all day! I have a total sucker for a good robe.
6. Longchamp Backpack// This is perfect for traveling. It is easy to hold on to and throw everything in. 
7. White Keds// I love a good slide on shoe, and this is great for those days where you have to run all around town. 

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