Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Purple State of Mind

I have the worlds brassiest hair. My natural hair is a ash brown, and even that turns bright red. To make theses as easy as possible, of course I try to make my hair the complete opposite of what it actually is. I was really into trying to get my hair a white cool blonde (Think Elsa), but then I overdosed on toner and ended up making my hair purple. My hair has been a wild ride, but here is what tones down the brassiness. 

Joico// This is hands down the best purple shampoo I have ever used. There is no sulfur, in this shampoo so it feels extremely concentrated. One wash with this, I could already see results. 

Matrix So Silver// This shampoo was great. I washed with this everyday, and my hair actually started to turn a shade of purple. Which sounds bad, but my hair is so brassy it got all of it out. 

Paul Mitchell// This never got to the point of turning my hair purple, but you can wash with this everyday and it takes the brass out.

Ion Cool Blonde// It is two adjectives that accurately describe me, however this shampoo is horrible. It was so cheap, and I love Ion's toner, but this shampoo is the worst constancy. Also, the shampoo does next to nothing. 

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