Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Sometimes I have a lot of things to share, but no one to share them with. If I have already blown up the group chat, I try to tone it down, so I will share everything right here. Here is everything that I have been obsessed with lately. 

Listen-ing//  I sometimes listen to stuff you missed in history class the podcast. The topics vary so sometimes I will skip it. I loved this on, France’s Fashionable Resistance. This was so interesting to learn about how history has effected fashion. 

Reread-ing// I love Sheryl Sanberg. I picked this up the other day, and I have been thumbing through this lately. 

Watch-ing// This video was hilarious. I was in the YouTube black hole, and I clicked on the video thinking it would just be some good background noise. I was pulled in, only she can make a video on meditation entertaining.  

Want-ing// The Lilly Pulitzer planner is up for pre-sale! I wish it came in more patterns, but I love the large size. 

Insta-ing// I have been obsessed with @Parisinfourmonths on Instagram. She updates everyday, and it is giving me some serious inspiration for my trip to Europe. 

Crav-ing// This is hands down my favorite go to coffee. I normally hate flavored coffees, but this taste like a vanilla cupcake!


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