Friday, June 24, 2016

Treat Yourself

I am all about life's little luxuries. I will never understand people who do not put cream and sugar in their coffee because it has too many calories! Sometimes you just need life's small luxes to get through the day. There is honestly nothing that a good PJ set and a good night's rest can not solve. Also, I do not think anyone can deny that taking out your contacts and throwing on nerd glasses at the end of the day is the best feeling in the world!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What is in My Summer Bag

I will admit it, I have an extremely scattered brain. I forget everything, I think at a million miles a minute, I can not help it. Because of this I am a creature of habit. I have a set routine, I write everything down, and organize my day hour by hour. I have a few necessities that I bring everywhere I go so I can stay in check. 
The Bag// I need a Bag that is big enough to hold everything, and small enough to carry around everywhere. This is the perfect size, plus the colors are great for summer. 
Chapstick// I am always dehydrated, so this is a need.
Portable phone charger// I would be lost without my phone, so this always comes in handy.
Water Bottle// Again, always dehydrated. I never the leave the house without this.
Moleskine// I write down all of my to-do list in here. This keeps my head straight, and makes sure that everything gets done.
Sunglasses// My eyes are extremely sensitive, so I always have a pair with me.
Headphones// If I walk anywhere I always have music on, or I am listening to a podcast.
Planner// I write down everywhere I need to be that day,  due dates for projects and bills. If it is not in the planner, I will not be there. 
A Book// I always carry around a book with me, because someone is always running late and this gives me something to do. Right now I am reading rich bitch.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Purple State of Mind

I have the worlds brassiest hair. My natural hair is a ash brown, and even that turns bright red. To make theses as easy as possible, of course I try to make my hair the complete opposite of what it actually is. I was really into trying to get my hair a white cool blonde (Think Elsa), but then I overdosed on toner and ended up making my hair purple. My hair has been a wild ride, but here is what tones down the brassiness. 

Joico// This is hands down the best purple shampoo I have ever used. There is no sulfur, in this shampoo so it feels extremely concentrated. One wash with this, I could already see results. 

Matrix So Silver// This shampoo was great. I washed with this everyday, and my hair actually started to turn a shade of purple. Which sounds bad, but my hair is so brassy it got all of it out. 

Paul Mitchell// This never got to the point of turning my hair purple, but you can wash with this everyday and it takes the brass out.

Ion Cool Blonde// It is two adjectives that accurately describe me, however this shampoo is horrible. It was so cheap, and I love Ion's toner, but this shampoo is the worst constancy. Also, the shampoo does next to nothing. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Top Tassels

Tassels are more of a statement piece, I do not wear them often, but I am for sure a fan. I have a gold tassel bracelet that I wear often with a gold watch. It is not too over the top, but definitely a subtle statement piece. When I wear it I feel like I'm wearing a party streamer. Here are some of my favorite pieces. 

1// 2//3

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Raging Rompers

I have been wearing rompers nonstop. It is all the comfort of a dress, but all of the movement of pants. It is so easy to just throw on, and still look all put together. It is for sure a trend everyone can get on. 

On the Town: Romper//Bag// Watch// Earrings// Heels
Date Night: Romper// Clutch//Eye Palette// Wedges


Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Fun

I love neutrals and blue, that is mostly what my closet consist of. When summer comes around I love a good pop of color. These are some of the fun summer accessories that are perfect for the beach or a vacation. 


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer 2016 Wish List

1. Wedge Heels// I have been seeing everyone wear these! In Michigan there is a town called Royal Oak, this is a very young town, and every single person on the main street was wearing these shoes.
2. Seersucker Swing Dress// This dress is perfect for just throwing on. Plus it is so easy you do not need a ton of pieces to go with it. 
3. Statement Earrings// So cute to go with just a white tshirt and jeans. I love these because they go with everything.
4. Pink Trench// If I am going to get anything a Pink trench is what I want. This is perfect if you live in the north and it still gets cold. I love wearing a trench coat to work, it looks so professional.
5. Robe// I love mornings, and with summer they can basically last all day! I have a total sucker for a good robe.
6. Longchamp Backpack// This is perfect for traveling. It is easy to hold on to and throw everything in. 
7. White Keds// I love a good slide on shoe, and this is great for those days where you have to run all around town. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Filling in the Missing Colors

This is the Detroit Library.  If you ever in Detroit give the Library a look. It is stunning. However, do not go on a Monday. Everything is closed! Here are some of my favorite Detroit colors for the summer. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Crunchy Complicated and all the more Delicious

I am trying to get in as much Detroit time as I possibly can before I head out. Unfortunately, almost everything is closed on Mondays. I did get to go to a cute restaurant and walk around all the museums. I got a great view, so I can not complain about that!
Detroit has some great graffiti. There were a couple of years there were were there were a ton of abandon buildings, so they were covered in graffiti. The city just embraced this, most businesses want their walls covered. Even the Z-lot flew in famous graffiti artist from all over the world to cover their walls!

This is my favorite abandoned building I could stare at it for forever. Michigan Central Station has been abandoned for years, and it never gets old to look at.  


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wedding Season

I have been to my fair share of weddings. Whenever I am a guest I never know what to wear! All weddings are so different, a 5pm catholic mass and a destination beach wedding are two very different ball parks. I have found that a solid color cocktail dress is always a safe choice. Here are some fun options for this summer!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Lake Life

This weekend I got to spend up at the lake with friends and family. This was such a relaxing and eventful weekend. We got up there and I went for a jog, got some kayaking in, and just hung out the rest of the night.

On Saturday we broke out the boat. Our battery died in none other than, the middle of the lake. We ended up having to get some nice stranger to tow our boat back! Other than that we were able to get some good water skiing in! Over all the weekend was a success.

Somehow always look like a 12 year old boy anytime I do anything athletic


Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Short List

I have been so big on denim shorts. I was not a fan of denim shorts for a while, but this recently I was cleaning out my closet and I found a pair or shorts from freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL. I magically somehow still fit in them. (Yeah, I have a body of a 14 year old, not something to be too happy about.) I am obsess I have been wearing them all of the time lately. Here are some other short that I have been loving.  


Friday, June 3, 2016

Pearly Whites

I wore braces for about 6 or 7 years. Yes, childhood was a good time. That being said, I highly value my teeth. I try to take care of them the best I can. This is everything I use to keep my teeth in tip top shape.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Perfect Pastels

Spring time comes pastels. Also with the color of the year on the softer side pastels are perfect for 2016. Here are some trinkets to put into your everyday life.

Wall Art/ Water Bottle/ Journal/ Purse/ Graphic Wall Art/ Statement Necklace/ Pillow/ Blue Dress/ Pink Coat/ Blue Shoes/ Purple Candle/ Silver Candle/ Bell Sleeve Shirt


Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Sometimes I have a lot of things to share, but no one to share them with. If I have already blown up the group chat, I try to tone it down, so I will share everything right here. Here is everything that I have been obsessed with lately. 

Listen-ing//  I sometimes listen to stuff you missed in history class the podcast. The topics vary so sometimes I will skip it. I loved this on, France’s Fashionable Resistance. This was so interesting to learn about how history has effected fashion. 

Reread-ing// I love Sheryl Sanberg. I picked this up the other day, and I have been thumbing through this lately. 

Watch-ing// This video was hilarious. I was in the YouTube black hole, and I clicked on the video thinking it would just be some good background noise. I was pulled in, only she can make a video on meditation entertaining.  

Want-ing// The Lilly Pulitzer planner is up for pre-sale! I wish it came in more patterns, but I love the large size. 

Insta-ing// I have been obsessed with @Parisinfourmonths on Instagram. She updates everyday, and it is giving me some serious inspiration for my trip to Europe. 

Crav-ing// This is hands down my favorite go to coffee. I normally hate flavored coffees, but this taste like a vanilla cupcake!

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