Monday, May 30, 2016

The Ultimate Travel Beauty Essentials

My skin gets destroyed when I travel. The change of water (well water is the bane of my existence), the food change, double the coffee, and anxiety. It does not help out the whole skin situation. I do have so go tos, to keep everything in tact. I make sure a always have a water bottle, and plenty of moisturizer to keep everything together. Also, I found that if I have a toiletry bag solely dedicated to travel that relieves some stress because I never have to pack or repack. 
1.Makeup Remover// These are the best when you do not want to go through the whole 7 step process of washing your face.
2. Face Moisturizer// This sent is amazing, number one. Number 2, this is the is the best moisturizer and it fights acne.
3. Dry Shampoo// I found the beauty in this product Junior year of college when I was taking 20 credit hours and 8ams (Not a good mix). This is perfect when you hair hair just needs a little pick me up. 
4. Mini Brushes// Holy Smokes. This is the number one thing that goes missing in my travel bag. I do not know what it is, but I can never find them. Having the own mini set that is always there is so convenient.
5. Naked Basics// This is so small and compact, plus when you are traveling you do not need 100 colors. 
6. Mini Mascara// Again, this is good to have on hand so it never goes missing.
7. Evian// This is perfect for a little face sprits when you do not want to take off your makeup.
8. Mini Blush// Benefit has the travel size blushes. Why did it take so long for this to come out?
9. Eyeliner// This is not really travel, but it is a need. Plus this is the best pen eyeliner.


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