Thursday, May 26, 2016

New York Graduation

New York never disappoints. You do not even have to be in the city to have a great time. It is breath taking.  I love how you can be in the city, and then drive down the block and see mountains and great views. 

I was suppose to be working this past weekend, and was going to be unable to go. Some 
things worked out, and there I was all packed and ready for a 10 hour car ride. (Shout out to my mom she packed an amazing snack bag). 

Michigan is for the most part extremely flat, so driving through Pennsylvanian seeing the mountains was amazing. Once we got to New York, the house we stayed in was the cutest. There were 20 people staying in there, so you as you can imagine there was complete chaos. It was a great time to just kick back and hang out with the family. 

The graduations was great, Joe Biden was the speaker. He was a trip. He was roasting the cadets. I love how other schools have such set in stone traditions. Overall, It was awesome seeing my cousin graduate.

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