Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016 Favorites

May flew by! Finals week happened, and then it all went up from there. I was commissioned into the United States Army, then I graduated. I have been none stop seeing friends and family. I got to see my cousin commission and graduate, the month just never stopped! It was great. Here are a couple of things that kept me going through the month. 
Patterned Shorts//Patterned Shorts were a staple for this month. Theses were so easy to just throw on anytime someone dropped by unannounced. 
Coffee Mug// I was a big fan of caring around coffee when I was bouncing from place to place. I love this mug. 
Skinny Pop// I did a lot of back and forth between places this month. This was the best car food. 
Matcha Mask// What is better than a matcha latte? A Matcha face mask. I loved this mask, it was so gentel on the skin. 
Tassel Necklace// Throw this on with a white T and Jeans and you are good to go. 
Pointed Flats//Again something easy to dress up a casual outfit. 
Champagne hair dye//I love changing up my hair. I loved going a tiny bit darker ( no one else was really a fan)
Tarte Palette//I hate Urban Decay's eye shadow so this is a good substitute if you are on that trend. 


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