Sunday, May 1, 2016

College Favorites

Graduation is a thing, and coming up way too fast. Everyone is having a melt down, and one of the most stressed out people in the world, is NOT. I have no clue why. I am weirdly content. I think it is because this is where I wanted my life to end up. I knew I always wanted to go into business, and it is happening. It is not a big surprise. 

With that said this is coming to a close. College was so fun. I had a blast, met some amazing people, did some amazing things. Here were all of my favorites from all four year. 

1. Michigan State University// I grew up so much these past three years. The quote "You need to keep breaking until you completely open." -Rumi can be applied here. There were a lot of break downs, I tried to drop out of school almost every semester, there were a lot of funks, but I think I'm better for it. This was an amazing experience, that I know I am truly fortunate to have had. The campus is beautiful, the people were great, it was truly an honor to be a spartan. 

2. Interning// I had the amazing opportunity to work in Detroit three summers in a row. I learned so much in those summers. Not to mention I got to write for their company blog! (here and here) I met some pretty amazing people and over one of my favorite things I did while in college.

3. Tailgating// In the north this is a commitment. You are going out in sometimes horrible weather. It is not like the south where you can go out in a little game day dress. This was my favorite thing about fall. I met some awesome people at tailgates, and made even better friends because of it. I can tell you I did not make it to very many games, but the tailgates were the best. 

4. Brody// This was the dorm I lived in my first year at MSU. I met my very best friend there. There were so many fun spur of the moment nights, someone to go get a second breakfast with, and over all just a fun time. 

5. Military Balls// Lets be real the only real reason to join ROTC (kidding) went to my fair share of military balls and each one was as fun as you can have at a black tie affair. I did enjoy getting my hair done and picking out a new dress. 

6. Mini Trips// I went on soooo many mini trips in college. I did not get a chance to be gone for too long, but I did get to go here and there for weekends at a time. I went places I thought I would hate, a million museums (okay a few), a few places I did not like, and a couple I loved. 

7. Army 10-miler// One of the best experiences I had while in college. Arlington cemetery was something I will never forget. Also the run is a run of a lifetime. You get to run by all of the monuments while the sun is rising. It was also crazy, that a general recognized my school and started chit-chatting with me about his visit. It was seriously surreal. 

8. Running// Again with 10-miler. I got really big on running in college. I was kind of burnt out by the end. I impromptu signed up for a half marathon, which was fun. In the summer its really nice here in Michigan because it never gets hot, plus at my parents house there are a ton of lake trails. However, in the winter that is a different story. 

9. Fort Knox// I had the biggest love hate relationship with Fort Knox. There were soooo many bad times, but I met so many amazing people that I really can not complain. Plus, you have so many good stories when you get out. (like the time my leg swelled to double its size because I got poison ivy)

10. The People// I am so fortunate to have met some of the most amazing people in college. I learned so much from listening to people and their stories. My friends, classmates, professors, family members, as I said before, my village is truly amazing. 

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