Thursday, May 12, 2016

Carry on Bag

My secret skill is that I am an expert packer. I can pack two weeks worth of stuff in a carry on. Shoes included! Even thought I always pack last minute, I can do it pretty well. What took me a little longer to master is how to pack a carry on. I am an over packer and a carry on is all about minimalism. Here is what I pack to get me through the travel. 

The Tote Bag// I hate  backpacks, and they are even worse even when traveling. It is impossible to easily grab your stuff when you are confined to a tight space. That is why I take a tote bag, plus if you are going on a work trip that looks so much more professional. In my tote bag I throw in this sweater. It is basically a blanket, and I do not know about you but I am always freezing on a plane. The necessities are these headphones and this togo charger. I also get super bored on flights, but I can not focus so I make sure to bring a magazine or two. The most important thing in my tote is a huge water bottle. I get so dehydrated when I travel and that is a must have.

Cross Body Bag// Put all of the things I can not loose in my cross body bag I have my Wallet if I need one a Passport Holder. Then of course I put my phone (Phone case). Again I get bored when I travel. I make sure to have a couple of podcast downloaded. 

Makeup bag// I put everything I need to have to fix my skin after traveling. Again, my skin gets destroyed so i have: Hand Cream// EOS// Mascara// Blush (This is my sister's favorite blush)// face powder// Powder Brush


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