Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We Are All Surprised

Well it is happening! Four years, three schools, lots of mental break downs, amazing friends, and a couple 100 cups of coffee, here we are. Graduation is finally happening. Even my mom is surprised. I tried to drop out nearly every semester, but here we are I finally got that piece of paper that says I am qualified to join the work force. 

The thing that probably got me through this whole thing, was my wonderful friends. Seriously these ladies were amazing. They always kept me on time and in the right place. I am so fortunate to have these astonishing people in my life and they were with me throughout the whole thing. I can not believe that this is all coming to a close.

I have a couple of more college things  to do before I graduate, so I will leave you with this.  Here are my grad pics (My mom did not want any pictures in my cap and gown so that is why there are none!)


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