Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Daily Make-up

My everyday makeup routine is nothing special, but I love looking at these post. I feel like its hard to have all drug store makeup, so I love to see what works and does not work for everyone. This is what I wear pretty much every single day. Doing my makeup every morning is probably my favorite part of the day. I love putting on some music and zoning out.   
Prime// I use a color correcting face primer. I personally like to use a primer that is more of a chalky consistency because I have oily skin. Priming for my eyes, I just recently switched from urban decay's eye primer to NYX HD primer. I like this because I can use it as a eye shadow base as well because of how pigmented it is. And then of course chapstick. 

Foundation// I recently switched to Rimmel Stay matte foundation, definitely a new favorite! Then at the very end of everything I put on the Covergirl powder to make sure everything stays matte. 

Cheeks// I use the Too Faced bronzer right under my cheekbones where it meets my ear. I use this for more of a contour. (This smells like chocolate). Then I put the Tarte blush on the apple of my cheeks. 

Eyes// The single most important part of my makeup routine, eyebrows. I use this powder, its the perfect color. I need a grey brown color, I use a darker color than I think I need. Then on to the shadow. I most of the time just use the bottom left color. I put this on my eye crease. For eyeliner I put it on from my pupil to the end of my lashes. Then for the mascara I use two to layer it on. (Covergirl and Urban Decay)

Brushes// From left to right. The first is the brush I use for eye shadow and eyebrows. The next is a foundation brush, and this is a game changer. I used to always use my hands, but this brush does wonders. Then the blush brush, my blushes are super pigmented so I just need a something a little fluffy. 


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