Monday, April 11, 2016

Second Trip to Fort Knox

This weekend I had a fun little trip to Fort Knox, Kentucky. The seniors had to go to meet up with the other seniors from surrounding schools. It was not as bad as my first two month trip. I actually got a ton of sleep. The bus ride was about 7 hours, and I was out like a light both ways. I felt like we were driving longer than we were actually there. Once we got there we went to the General George Patton museum, listened to some fun talks, and got to see some camp friends. 
The first stop was to the General Patton museum. Half of this museum was put together and  organized, and the other half just looked like knickknacks were thrown around. Overall,  it was worth it to kill and hour. 
Fort Knox is home to the, Fort Knox US Bullion Depository Kentucky. If you have time look up some conspiracy theories surrounding it.

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