Friday, April 22, 2016

On the road again: Gettysburg

Where would you want to spend your first nice weather weekend of the year? Well, I spent mine in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The weekend started with another nice road trip half way across the country. I was out the whole ride, no one's shoulder was safe for me to use as a pillow! (sorry). The view, when I was up, was so nice. Michigan is for the most part completely flat, and anytime there are mountains is always a good view.  

So we got to Gettysburg and we immediately stop at the Gettysburg Museum. The museum was well put together, maybe a little too juvenile, but nonetheless still interesting. I love looking at all of the old uniforms. 
The next day we woke up at the break of dawn (actually it was still dark out), and we ran through the whole battlefield. It was hands down one of the prettiest runs I have ever been on. There was no one there, and the watching the sun rise was amazing. 
If you have never been to Gettysburg, it is weirdly set up. It looks like farm land with memorials here and there. You definitely need a car to go from place to place.

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