Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 2016 Favorites

March was the longest month of my life. It came in with a February funk. I could not get out of it, I think it was a mix of a lot of things, but life was just going all wrong. The first weeks was one of those weeks were everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. The number one issue was I read a big important email wrong. MY LIFE WAS OVER. Then the next week I reread the email and everything was all good. 

Then Spring Break came at the perfect time. It was good to get away and see some (note how I said some, as in very little) sun. Spring break was exactly what was needed. There was lots of fried food, beach time, and outdoor running. (less running that I am making it out to be). 

The next week was a trip to Iowa, where I drove a Kia Soul. By the way might be the best car ever. It looks very chic in tan. Iowa also had exponentially better weather than Michigan, which was a plus. I think Michigan just overall has the worst weather ever.  

FTX was that same week. My skin was wrecked from all of the traveling, my lips were hard core peeling off. I have been trying to make up for that since. From there I had more job stuff, and now I am just trying to catch up on life. I was so dead at the end of the month that all I wanted to do was hang out with my tempurpedic mattress. 

Here was everything that got me through the month: 

01. Stay Matte Foundation// I HAVE FINALLY FOUND A DRUG STORE FOUNDATION. I have been using Clique's Matte foundation for forever, and its so expensive and having to go to the mall gets annoying. This is reasonably priced. Be sure to use a brush to put it on. 

02. Powerade Water Bottle// True life I lose every water bottle I have ever owned. This is a cheap water bottle and you do not look like a hobo carrying around a smart water bottle that you have had for 4 months. (Okay, guilty)

03. Purple Shampoo// I have the brassiest hair ever, this is a game changer. 

04. Lilacism// I also got back into the white nail polish in march, but this was a similar alternative. Also, if you are doing a Year of Me, its a perfect name for that;)

05. Oberon// Bell's brewery is huge here in Michigan and they do a lot of events at our restaurants at MSU. This logo litters all of MSU, and so this month I gave it a try. Definitely a good try for a summer brew. 

06. Doll Face// This is the end all be all of blushes. Number one, it is so pigmented that a little dab will cover your full cheek. Second this is a game changer. I call this my barbie blush because seriously it is amazing. This is my Dallas of pink blushes. 

07. Ribbon Pearls// I was wearing a lot of suits this month. I like to wear a necklace with them, but I do not want to look juvenile. This was the best go to option. It was a classic statement piece that gave a mono-color suit some pop.

08. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream// I have been on the search for the perfect lip color for 21 years. I have found a couple of red lipsticks that work, but I hate red lips. I think it looks tacky. This was a great substitute. Plus it does not dry out your lips and the color last all day. 

09. Everything to Me// I could not stop listening to this song for the whole month of March. The guy sounds very similar to Ed Sheeran. 

10. Pattern Pants// I think my friends are sick of me wearing pattern pants. Pretty much every time I have gone out at night I have worn these. Also at the beach I wore this almost every single day. These pants are extremely popular in the south, however I do get a lot of negative comments from them. Girls think they are cute, but guys hate them. 

11. Statement Sunglasses// My eyes were not used to the sun at all. Normally all I see is grey, grey, grey. So when I finally went outside and saw the sun my eyes needed some major adjustments. Sunglasses were glued to me at all times, and this was a fun step away from my normal tortoiseshell and blue aviators.  


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