Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Find an Entry Level Full-Time Job/Internship

First off get excited, you are about to enter the work force. Everything you have been working towards is about to be complete.  I want to say I am no career expert what so ever. This is just what worked for me. So many people I know apply to a handful of jobs, and wonder why they are not being asked back. I applied to so many jobs I can not even count! Here is what worked for me.

1// Update your resume and cover letter: Go to your career service center and ask them to edit it. Something that also is helpful is having a resume on file for different positions. By catering your resume to certain positions (Sales, Marketing, HR, etc.) this can better show your skill set. Do this for your cover letter as well.

2// Check out your School's Hiring Page: I no joke probably applied to 300 jobs. The ones I was most successful with were the jobs that I applied through for my school. 

3// Check out Career Postings: I used indeed.com the most.  Know the job market for what places are currently hiring. The more open you are to job or location just widens your pool as a whole. Also I found searching, "entry-level" helps tremendously. 

4// Tell People: As weird as it sounds, everyone wants you to have a job. It looks good on them. Alumni want you to succeed,  current employers, professors, other students, neighbors, parents friends, I can not tell you how many people helped me throughout this whole job search. It honestly takes a village. 

5// Find Where You Fit: You are not going to have your dream job out of college, and you probably are not going to be making six figs immediately. Personally, I wanted to go into logistic. It was what I interned with and I knew I enjoyed it. However, If an employer were to pick a communications major or an actual supply chain major, they will 99 times out of a 100 times pick the supply chain major. 

From there I was looking at Human Resources and Marketing. The job search was going okay. There were interviews here and there, but nothing promising. Then one day I was chatting with my aunt, and she said I should start looking at sales (See Village). I had been on the other side of sales with purchasing, and this just clicked. When I started applying to sales jobs interviews came pouring in. I never in a million years thought that is where I would end up, but it just clicked. 

6// Be Open: So many people end up where they never expected. I know English majors who ended up in finance, and another in web design. 


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