Sunday, April 10, 2016

Favorite Podcast

My friends straight up hate me. I will not shut up about podcast. I have always been an avid fan of podcast, but this past year I have become obsessed. I think it is mainly because the choices have gotten a lot better recently. Plus, it is so hard to justify free time, so if I am listening to a podcast it feels as though I am actually doing something. 

Modern Love// This is by The New York Times. It is an audio version of their Modern Love essays. This one is a hit or miss. It is more of a down time story, it almost makes your appreciate your crazy love life.

NPR Politics// This keeps me up to date on all things politics. It is a quick podcast, and they break it down well. 

Serial// Hands down on of my favorite podcast. I am not a big fan of Season 1, but Season 2 is great. If you enjoyed Making a Murderer, this is the podcast for you. It goes into the story of Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl, the army Soldier who while in Afghanistan decided to go off on his own. 

Pardon My French// Fashion blogs come to podcasts. The blogger Garance Dore turned lifestyle blogs into a podcast. I love how she brings to light everyday issues and makes you feel like you are not the only one with it. Plus she has a lot of celebrity guest.

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