Friday, April 29, 2016

April 2016 Favorites

April was a fun month. Again, I was doing a lot of traveling. I spent a weekend at Fort Knox and another weekend in Gettysburg.  A very history filled month. I love going on little trips because I always end up getting a ton of sleep. I did not get too much school work done though. From small trips, I just had normal group projects, and senior capstones due.  

At the end of the month I took my physical fitness test, and was three points away from a perfect score. It was a total stab in the hear, but something to work for before I head on out to South Carolina for the summer. 

Lastly, I received some big exciting news about graduation (more info to come). Here is everything that got me through the month:

1. The Royal Tenenbaums// As I said I did a lot of traveling during the month of April. That meant that I was on the road a ton.  I have one movie on my phone, and I ended up rewatching this a lot. This is probably one of my favorite movies, it never gets old. (Also check out Wes Anderson's new cafe!).

2. Wall Art// I am horrible at interior design. I keep looking at new ideas for the apartment I am getting, and this kept popping up, how cute!

3. Bow Dress// I took senior pictures in the month of April (here). And this dress is very similar to the dress I wore. I can not find the actual dress, my mother got it for me back in august, but I am obsessed with the bow back.

4. Totes// My backpack is on its last limb, I have been carrying tote bags around all month so no one ends up seeing it. I found that if I am constantly changing my bag it is so much easier to stay organized and get rid of the clutter. 

5. Pointed Flats// I hate mary jane flats. They just remind me of middle school. That is why I love the pointed toe flat upgrade. 

6. Sour Patch Watermelon// These were the best road trip snacks.

7. Essie Mint Candy Apple// I wore this color on my toes all month. Its not exactly a summer here in Michigan, so I wore it in protest. 

8. George Ezra-Leaving it up to you// I first heard this song while I was writing a paper. I thought this song was about a girl who's ex kept calling her, and she was like "leave it up to you" meaning that she was not going to be in his life anymore. I heard the lyrics way wrong, but still a good song if you think of it that way! 

9. Room Cart// For my apartment next year I am going to get so many of these. These are so functional, you can throw it in the bathroom, or kitchen, or even make it a bar cart! Plus the color is fantastic. 


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