Friday, April 29, 2016

April 2016 Favorites

April was a fun month. Again, I was doing a lot of traveling. I spent a weekend at Fort Knox and another weekend in Gettysburg.  A very history filled month. I love going on little trips because I always end up getting a ton of sleep. I did not get too much school work done though. From small trips, I just had normal group projects, and senior capstones due.  

At the end of the month I took my physical fitness test, and was three points away from a perfect score. It was a total stab in the hear, but something to work for before I head on out to South Carolina for the summer. 

Lastly, I received some big exciting news about graduation (more info to come). Here is everything that got me through the month:

1. The Royal Tenenbaums// As I said I did a lot of traveling during the month of April. That meant that I was on the road a ton.  I have one movie on my phone, and I ended up rewatching this a lot. This is probably one of my favorite movies, it never gets old. (Also check out Wes Anderson's new cafe!).

2. Wall Art// I am horrible at interior design. I keep looking at new ideas for the apartment I am getting, and this kept popping up, how cute!

3. Bow Dress// I took senior pictures in the month of April (here). And this dress is very similar to the dress I wore. I can not find the actual dress, my mother got it for me back in august, but I am obsessed with the bow back.

4. Totes// My backpack is on its last limb, I have been carrying tote bags around all month so no one ends up seeing it. I found that if I am constantly changing my bag it is so much easier to stay organized and get rid of the clutter. 

5. Pointed Flats// I hate mary jane flats. They just remind me of middle school. That is why I love the pointed toe flat upgrade. 

6. Sour Patch Watermelon// These were the best road trip snacks.

7. Essie Mint Candy Apple// I wore this color on my toes all month. Its not exactly a summer here in Michigan, so I wore it in protest. 

8. George Ezra-Leaving it up to you// I first heard this song while I was writing a paper. I thought this song was about a girl who's ex kept calling her, and she was like "leave it up to you" meaning that she was not going to be in his life anymore. I heard the lyrics way wrong, but still a good song if you think of it that way! 

9. Room Cart// For my apartment next year I am going to get so many of these. These are so functional, you can throw it in the bathroom, or kitchen, or even make it a bar cart! Plus the color is fantastic. 


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Colors of Summer

It was really hard to get behind the color of the year when there was snow on the ground. The colors apart are perfect, but together they are not my favorite. It looks a little to kidish to me. Pantone's color of the year for 2016 was serenity blue and rose quartz. You can check out what they have to say here

I have not really gotten on the rose quartz train yet. I am not really a "Pink Person". It is an amazing color for accessorizes! (I love that pink dress. Perfect for a summer wedding!) I am a huge fan of serenity blue. It is a perfect spin on hydrangea blue from a couple of summers ago. This is how I paired the colors for the summer! 


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We Are All Surprised

Well it is happening! Four years, three schools, lots of mental break downs, amazing friends, and a couple 100 cups of coffee, here we are. Graduation is finally happening. Even my mom is surprised. I tried to drop out nearly every semester, but here we are I finally got that piece of paper that says I am qualified to join the work force. 

The thing that probably got me through this whole thing, was my wonderful friends. Seriously these ladies were amazing. They always kept me on time and in the right place. I am so fortunate to have these astonishing people in my life and they were with me throughout the whole thing. I can not believe that this is all coming to a close.

I have a couple of more college things  to do before I graduate, so I will leave you with this.  Here are my grad pics (My mom did not want any pictures in my cap and gown so that is why there are none!)


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Find an Entry Level Full-Time Job/Internship

First off get excited, you are about to enter the work force. Everything you have been working towards is about to be complete.  I want to say I am no career expert what so ever. This is just what worked for me. So many people I know apply to a handful of jobs, and wonder why they are not being asked back. I applied to so many jobs I can not even count! Here is what worked for me.

1// Update your resume and cover letter: Go to your career service center and ask them to edit it. Something that also is helpful is having a resume on file for different positions. By catering your resume to certain positions (Sales, Marketing, HR, etc.) this can better show your skill set. Do this for your cover letter as well.

2// Check out your School's Hiring Page: I no joke probably applied to 300 jobs. The ones I was most successful with were the jobs that I applied through for my school. 

3// Check out Career Postings: I used the most.  Know the job market for what places are currently hiring. The more open you are to job or location just widens your pool as a whole. Also I found searching, "entry-level" helps tremendously. 

4// Tell People: As weird as it sounds, everyone wants you to have a job. It looks good on them. Alumni want you to succeed,  current employers, professors, other students, neighbors, parents friends, I can not tell you how many people helped me throughout this whole job search. It honestly takes a village. 

5// Find Where You Fit: You are not going to have your dream job out of college, and you probably are not going to be making six figs immediately. Personally, I wanted to go into logistic. It was what I interned with and I knew I enjoyed it. However, If an employer were to pick a communications major or an actual supply chain major, they will 99 times out of a 100 times pick the supply chain major. 

From there I was looking at Human Resources and Marketing. The job search was going okay. There were interviews here and there, but nothing promising. Then one day I was chatting with my aunt, and she said I should start looking at sales (See Village). I had been on the other side of sales with purchasing, and this just clicked. When I started applying to sales jobs interviews came pouring in. I never in a million years thought that is where I would end up, but it just clicked. 

6// Be Open: So many people end up where they never expected. I know English majors who ended up in finance, and another in web design. 


Monday, April 25, 2016

Graduation Dresses

I personally like to wear all solid colors. I think it is so timeless, so when it comes to graduation that is a no brainier. I know a lot of people like to wear white, and for group photos that looks great. Me and my friends wore all bright solid colors (pictures to come). We were looking around, and especially for summer, black for grad photos/ group photos looked horrible. Here are some of the timeless options I thought would be great for graduation. (My dress looks very similar to number 4.)


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Night Time Routine

Yesterday I talked about my everyday makeup, today I will talk about how I take it all off! I am not going to go step by step because this is a pretty basic stuff, but I love looking at all of the products everyone uses. 
Face Wipes// These are hands down the best face wipes ever. They also fight acne.

Face Mask// I use this once a week, more if I am traveling. My skin gets so dried out that this helps refresh it.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Daily Make-up

My everyday makeup routine is nothing special, but I love looking at these post. I feel like its hard to have all drug store makeup, so I love to see what works and does not work for everyone. This is what I wear pretty much every single day. Doing my makeup every morning is probably my favorite part of the day. I love putting on some music and zoning out.   
Prime// I use a color correcting face primer. I personally like to use a primer that is more of a chalky consistency because I have oily skin. Priming for my eyes, I just recently switched from urban decay's eye primer to NYX HD primer. I like this because I can use it as a eye shadow base as well because of how pigmented it is. And then of course chapstick. 

Foundation// I recently switched to Rimmel Stay matte foundation, definitely a new favorite! Then at the very end of everything I put on the Covergirl powder to make sure everything stays matte. 

Cheeks// I use the Too Faced bronzer right under my cheekbones where it meets my ear. I use this for more of a contour. (This smells like chocolate). Then I put the Tarte blush on the apple of my cheeks. 

Eyes// The single most important part of my makeup routine, eyebrows. I use this powder, its the perfect color. I need a grey brown color, I use a darker color than I think I need. Then on to the shadow. I most of the time just use the bottom left color. I put this on my eye crease. For eyeliner I put it on from my pupil to the end of my lashes. Then for the mascara I use two to layer it on. (Covergirl and Urban Decay)

Brushes// From left to right. The first is the brush I use for eye shadow and eyebrows. The next is a foundation brush, and this is a game changer. I used to always use my hands, but this brush does wonders. Then the blush brush, my blushes are super pigmented so I just need a something a little fluffy. 


Friday, April 22, 2016

On the road again: Gettysburg

Where would you want to spend your first nice weather weekend of the year? Well, I spent mine in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The weekend started with another nice road trip half way across the country. I was out the whole ride, no one's shoulder was safe for me to use as a pillow! (sorry). The view, when I was up, was so nice. Michigan is for the most part completely flat, and anytime there are mountains is always a good view.  

So we got to Gettysburg and we immediately stop at the Gettysburg Museum. The museum was well put together, maybe a little too juvenile, but nonetheless still interesting. I love looking at all of the old uniforms. 
The next day we woke up at the break of dawn (actually it was still dark out), and we ran through the whole battlefield. It was hands down one of the prettiest runs I have ever been on. There was no one there, and the watching the sun rise was amazing. 
If you have never been to Gettysburg, it is weirdly set up. It looks like farm land with memorials here and there. You definitely need a car to go from place to place.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On a Jet Plane

I am getting a Passport! (Finally!) This is on my before 30 list, and I am finally getting around to it. When I got my new license I did not want to pay the extra 50 dollars for an enhanced one. I am breaking down and getting my passport. I have a couple of fun trips planned for this year. My first stop is Canada (I know not that exciting), but later in the year I plan on going across Europe. It is my graduation present to myself. 

With all of that excitement, it looks like I will have to break down and get a passport holder. 

Here are some cute options. 

Also, I might just get this travel wallet, I feel like it was designed for the unorganized. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Second Trip to Fort Knox

This weekend I had a fun little trip to Fort Knox, Kentucky. The seniors had to go to meet up with the other seniors from surrounding schools. It was not as bad as my first two month trip. I actually got a ton of sleep. The bus ride was about 7 hours, and I was out like a light both ways. I felt like we were driving longer than we were actually there. Once we got there we went to the General George Patton museum, listened to some fun talks, and got to see some camp friends. 
The first stop was to the General Patton museum. Half of this museum was put together and  organized, and the other half just looked like knickknacks were thrown around. Overall,  it was worth it to kill and hour. 
Fort Knox is home to the, Fort Knox US Bullion Depository Kentucky. If you have time look up some conspiracy theories surrounding it.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Favorite Podcast

My friends straight up hate me. I will not shut up about podcast. I have always been an avid fan of podcast, but this past year I have become obsessed. I think it is mainly because the choices have gotten a lot better recently. Plus, it is so hard to justify free time, so if I am listening to a podcast it feels as though I am actually doing something. 

Modern Love// This is by The New York Times. It is an audio version of their Modern Love essays. This one is a hit or miss. It is more of a down time story, it almost makes your appreciate your crazy love life.

NPR Politics// This keeps me up to date on all things politics. It is a quick podcast, and they break it down well. 

Serial// Hands down on of my favorite podcast. I am not a big fan of Season 1, but Season 2 is great. If you enjoyed Making a Murderer, this is the podcast for you. It goes into the story of Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl, the army Soldier who while in Afghanistan decided to go off on his own. 

Pardon My French// Fashion blogs come to podcasts. The blogger Garance Dore turned lifestyle blogs into a podcast. I love how she brings to light everyday issues and makes you feel like you are not the only one with it. Plus she has a lot of celebrity guest.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Post-Grad Goals

Graduation is just around the corner. I will be a college graduate in just a months time. College was fun, stressful, but fun. It is almost time to move on to the next chapter. Here is a little tidbit of what I want to get done post-grad.

1. Graduate// You can not be a post-grad unless you graduate. At this point passing and graduating is the main goal. My junior year my adviser asked me what I wanted out of my college experience, research, internships, organizations?  I was in such a rush all I said was to graduate. Hopefully, this does not follow into post-grad.

2. Save// Being a human is so expensive. I found that out in college. I want to be more aware of my spending habits, start saving for the future, and become fully financially independent. 

3. Read more// College was busy. Even if I had downtime I would feel guilty reading for pleasure and not doing homework assignments. Also, my biggest impulse buy is books, so I want to get through everything I have bought throughout the years. 

4. Learn// Again, I felt guilty if I was dedicating any free time to hobbies. Plus, so much time for class was dedicated to just one topic. Those semester long research papers were killer. I want to spend more time learning things that I can use later on in my career. I understand basic Photoshop, but I want to go even more in depth. I also want to get into coding a little more, that is a foreign language to me, and I want a basic understanding. 

5. Travel// This is the first time in my life I have had the down time to go on a big trip. I have a couple of months off between jobs. Once I figure out the logistics, I will be traveling through Europe! 

6. Blog// I want to become a better writer for sure, but post-grad I want to focus on the blogging. I always forget how much I enjoy it when I go on a break. I am redoing my blog soon (finally), I am excited for that!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 2016 Favorites

March was the longest month of my life. It came in with a February funk. I could not get out of it, I think it was a mix of a lot of things, but life was just going all wrong. The first weeks was one of those weeks were everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. The number one issue was I read a big important email wrong. MY LIFE WAS OVER. Then the next week I reread the email and everything was all good. 

Then Spring Break came at the perfect time. It was good to get away and see some (note how I said some, as in very little) sun. Spring break was exactly what was needed. There was lots of fried food, beach time, and outdoor running. (less running that I am making it out to be). 

The next week was a trip to Iowa, where I drove a Kia Soul. By the way might be the best car ever. It looks very chic in tan. Iowa also had exponentially better weather than Michigan, which was a plus. I think Michigan just overall has the worst weather ever.  

FTX was that same week. My skin was wrecked from all of the traveling, my lips were hard core peeling off. I have been trying to make up for that since. From there I had more job stuff, and now I am just trying to catch up on life. I was so dead at the end of the month that all I wanted to do was hang out with my tempurpedic mattress. 

Here was everything that got me through the month: 

01. Stay Matte Foundation// I HAVE FINALLY FOUND A DRUG STORE FOUNDATION. I have been using Clique's Matte foundation for forever, and its so expensive and having to go to the mall gets annoying. This is reasonably priced. Be sure to use a brush to put it on. 

02. Powerade Water Bottle// True life I lose every water bottle I have ever owned. This is a cheap water bottle and you do not look like a hobo carrying around a smart water bottle that you have had for 4 months. (Okay, guilty)

03. Purple Shampoo// I have the brassiest hair ever, this is a game changer. 

04. Lilacism// I also got back into the white nail polish in march, but this was a similar alternative. Also, if you are doing a Year of Me, its a perfect name for that;)

05. Oberon// Bell's brewery is huge here in Michigan and they do a lot of events at our restaurants at MSU. This logo litters all of MSU, and so this month I gave it a try. Definitely a good try for a summer brew. 

06. Doll Face// This is the end all be all of blushes. Number one, it is so pigmented that a little dab will cover your full cheek. Second this is a game changer. I call this my barbie blush because seriously it is amazing. This is my Dallas of pink blushes. 

07. Ribbon Pearls// I was wearing a lot of suits this month. I like to wear a necklace with them, but I do not want to look juvenile. This was the best go to option. It was a classic statement piece that gave a mono-color suit some pop.

08. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream// I have been on the search for the perfect lip color for 21 years. I have found a couple of red lipsticks that work, but I hate red lips. I think it looks tacky. This was a great substitute. Plus it does not dry out your lips and the color last all day. 

09. Everything to Me// I could not stop listening to this song for the whole month of March. The guy sounds very similar to Ed Sheeran. 

10. Pattern Pants// I think my friends are sick of me wearing pattern pants. Pretty much every time I have gone out at night I have worn these. Also at the beach I wore this almost every single day. These pants are extremely popular in the south, however I do get a lot of negative comments from them. Girls think they are cute, but guys hate them. 

11. Statement Sunglasses// My eyes were not used to the sun at all. Normally all I see is grey, grey, grey. So when I finally went outside and saw the sun my eyes needed some major adjustments. Sunglasses were glued to me at all times, and this was a fun step away from my normal tortoiseshell and blue aviators.  


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Everyday Uniform

I hate to say this, fashion has been my last priority lately. I have pretty much been wearing the same 5 outfits over an over again, I just mix up what days I wear them and who I see. It is hard when the weather is bad 97% of time, the motivation just goes way down. Here is what I have been wearing day to day to look semi put together. 

The first one is what I wear to class probably every other day. This is jacket amazing. It covers your behind so your leggings always look appropriate. Also these boots are life. The boots are a little bit wider at the opening. (All athletically built girls can rejoice). So the boots make you look super skinny (even if you are not feeling it that day.) Also the Kendra Scott necklace is a little touch to make you look like you tried even more.  

The second outfit is what I wear if I have something where I need to look a little more put together. I like to tuck the shirt into the pants. The tote bag is so much better than a backpack, and shoes better than ballet flats. Lastly, what are 5 words to make any girl go crazy? Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream. I have not met anyone who is not head over heals for this lipstick. Plus the color is the color of all colors. I got Budapest strictly for the name, and I have not stopped wearing it since I bought it.  

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