Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 2015 Favorites

Every month seams soo long lately. Needless to say, August was an amazing month. I spent half of it in Kentucky, and honestly when I got back to Michigan it was the best feeling ever. Just being about to grab a cup of coffee whenever I wanted was heaven. I am happy to be back and start the school year.

Check out my favorites for the month:

Face Makeup// After two months of not wearing any make up, my makeup routine became way more simplistic. I used to wear a heavy liquid foundation, but my skin started getting used to not having the makeup covering it. Now I just cover up spots with the BB cream and dust powder on my face. 

Essie "Marshmallow"// I actually wore this color all summer long. White went with everything (naturally) and it even made the palest of people look a little tan.

Chambray Pocket Shirt// It could not have even been August 2015 without this chambray shirt. I may be a little dramatic, however i did wear this shirt everywhere. It was definitely a staple of my summer uniform. 

Mini Bag// Usually my bags are either clutch or tote sized. I never gravitate towards a middle sized bag, until now. Just carrying around a bag that is a little bit bigger for errands has been a life saver. Being about to throw everything you need into a bag without having to carry the weight of everything you stuff into a tote.

Planner// With School starting a planner was a must. I was going to break down and become a grown up this year and get the Kate Spade planner. However I thought this was my last year of college, and it was probably the only time in my life I could get a Lilly Planner again. 

Tassel Bracelet// This bracelet is a little out there, but I loved pairing this with just a watch, and a more casual outfit. It was too much if it was worn with a fancier outfit.

Wine Glasses// So apparently it is a law that if 4 ladies live in an apartment you legally have to have wine glasses. This month I invested in wine glasses and I am obsessed with these. 


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