Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Home Sweet Apartment

I do not think it is a secret that I am horrible at interior design. My room looks like a guy with duck tape came in and tried to spruce the place up. My apartment this year was bad. I have picked up a couple of tips along the way to help make a room look pulled together. 

Home decor blue

  1. |Picture frames are key| I thought washi tape would make my room look more casual. I was wrong. The frames look so much better than what my electrical looking tape could do
2. |Clusters of art look great| I had pictures all over my walls, which kind of just made my walls looked cluttered.
3. |Invest in curtains| Curtains can make any room look less like a college apartment. 
4. |Pick a color Scheme| This is a hard one because I like everything  but if everything matches it would look a lot better. 

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