Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Home Sweet Apartment

I do not think it is a secret that I am horrible at interior design. My room looks like a guy with duck tape came in and tried to spruce the place up. My apartment this year was bad. I have picked up a couple of tips along the way to help make a room look pulled together. 

Home decor blue

  1. |Picture frames are key| I thought washi tape would make my room look more casual. I was wrong. The frames look so much better than what my electrical looking tape could do
2. |Clusters of art look great| I had pictures all over my walls, which kind of just made my walls looked cluttered.
3. |Invest in curtains| Curtains can make any room look less like a college apartment. 
4. |Pick a color Scheme| This is a hard one because I like everything  but if everything matches it would look a lot better. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Airport Fashion

Ahhh the time has come! I am packing up and getting ready to go as we speak!  I personally love to travel and do not mind plane rides what so ever. I love buying my magazine for the trip, purchasing a latte, sitting back and relaxing before the flight. Packing on the other hand is another story. Here is what I will be wearing to the airport. I put in a cardigan in because the airport is always freezing. 



Friday, June 19, 2015

What's in My Bag: Intern Addition

 My commute is pretty hectic. Work is the one place that I can not go back home every couple of hours, so I need to bring everything for the day. My bag can get a little heavy. Also my commute can be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. I try to be prepared for everything. I love this tote bag because it holds everything! 


Fitness Friday: Tone Everything Workout

I hope everyone had a great week! Here is a little workout inspiration for the weekend. For the weighted walking lunges I like to hold two 10lbs weights in my hands. I also like to do 4 sets of all the of the circuits. You can modify anything to fit your needs. Good luck!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sweet Scallops

This summer I am loving  scallops. Everything can automatically be cuter if you throw a scallop pattern on any clothing. I am honestly surprised by how long scallops have stuck around. I am personally happy that it has, but still surprised. Here is what I will be stocking up on this summer.

|Kate Spade Bracelet|Scallop Shirt|Shorts|Dress|Cut out Dress|Blazer|Purse|


Friday, June 12, 2015

Fitness Friday: Cross-Fit Work Out

I have this bad habit of falling in love with a workout and doing the same three workouts over and over. For my workouts I always do my run and then do some circuits or vice versa. I recently ran across an idea to run, do your circuits, and then do another run. It is an interesting approach and I ended up really liking the workout. 

For this workout I personally like to do the run on a treadmill and run the mile at a tempo pace. And for the circuits you can break it up however you like. 


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Detroit Highlight: Willys Detroit

This Boutique is not even trendy, it is just straight up chic. Willys Detroit is located in Midtown right next to Jolly Pumpkin I might add and Shinola. This store has a lot of the basic essentials, with a twist. The store serves both men and women's clothing. I would describe the style as being more preppy/ nomcore.

There has also been rumors that Mary-Kate and Ashley have stopped by this boutique when they are in town. Check it out for yourself.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Uniform

First off, I hate making these post, but these are my favorite post to look at. So I gave it a go. It actually was not as hard to make as I thought it was, but still very tedious. 

Second, If you are from the North, like myself you have probably not experienced much summer weather. As I type this I am wearing an oversized cable knit sweater over a chambray shirt. And this past weekend when I went to the lake, I wore fleece leggings, a fleece athletic shirt, with a sweatshirt over it. So even though Michigan has not experienced much summer weather, a girl can dream, right? This is what I will be wearing when the summer weather kicks in. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Best Food Trucks in Detroit

Hands down the best food truck in Detroit, maybe the whole country. I always get the corn beef sandwhich and it is to die for. Seriously I can not get enough of this place. Plus their loaded waffle fries are hands down the best thing you will ever try. 

What is better than mac & cheese? Loaded mac&cheese seriously such a game changer. Also, the garlic fries are fab.

So this is also an actual restaurant, but they also have a food truck for those who have to work through lunch. I am not big on BBQ, BUT I could change for this. Seriously so  good. I love their pulled pork sandwiches.

Would this even be a list written by me if there was not a tex-mex place on the list? I always get their tacos, and trust me, this girl does not regret it. 


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Reese Witherspoon Outfit Inspiration

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Reese Witherspoon is Closet #Goals time a hundred. She somehow always seems to look put together even when she is holding a handful of bags and running errands. Reese Withspoon is hands down one of my biggest style icons. In middle school and high school I would always get my hair cut like her. It never actually looked like hers, but a girl could try, right? Here is one of my favorite Reese Witherspoon looks.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tips To Take to Your Internship

It is the summer which means college students are trading in their yoga pants for pencil skirts and heading into the cities for their internships. This summer will be my 4th internship and here are a couple of tips and tricks I have picked up along the way.

|Dress the Part| Your office may be super laid back and shorts leggings are okay, but try and keep it professional. Maybe just dress casually on Fridays. If you are dressing up you will feel the part. And who knows, you may run into the CEO and you will be happy that you are sporting a blazer.

|Urgency is the Best Quality| I do not care if you are getting one task to do a day, get it done ASAP! Do not elongate the project, get it done immediately. Being an intern you feel like because you have no power so no one is even looking at you. That is wrong all eyes are on you, so keep up the pace and give it your best effort.

|Own Up to Your Mistakes| 
Everyone makes mistakes, and no one is expecting you to be perfect. Just own up to them, learn, and move on.

|Downtime isn't Fun time| You are an intern. You will probably have a ton of downtime, and there is a way to be productive and helpful to the company you are working for. Learn about the company, just research, research, research. Know so much about the company, you know more than the founder. You are not helping anyone by looking at Buzzfeed list.

|DO NOT Gossip|  This is probably the one that can get you into the most trouble. Our generation has a hard time with this. And this can only hurt not help you.

|Communication is Key| If you can type out a grammatically correct email and talk professionally on the phone with customers, you are already ahead of the curve. Something as simple as this can be a game changer.

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