Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shinola in Detroit

During the summer I spend most of my time commuting to Detroit or in the city itself. This is my third summer in Detroit all I can say is that the city has changed so much. The first summer I was there, the city was pretty bare. I felt safe, but there really was not much to see. I saw some future plans for the city and thought that it would be cool if the plans were ever implemented

The second summer I was in Detroit, you could really see everything coming together. There were little shops opening here and there, and new and upcoming restaurants were popping up. There still was not anything that I saw would draw me in for a weekend getaway.

Now, its my third summer in Detroit, and there is SO MUCH I want to do. There are shops popping up everywhere. I can not even count the number of coffee shops I want to try. There are so many places I want to explore which leads us to Shinola.
Shinola is a Detroit made luxury watch. The watches are extraordinary. I love how Detroit based the company is, and watches is not all the company makes. They make a handful of other leather goods and weirdly enough bicycles. Shinola has been know to be quoted saying, "If we could make the best toaster in the world we would make toasters". Everything about this company is in Detroit from beginning to finish.
Here are some of the watches that Shinola makes. It was funny that last year the store looked so empty, and now there store is over flowing with their products. 
You can watch some of the products being made right in the store.
The store also lets some other small business's use the space to give a helping hand. (in a true Detroit spirit) 
Oh did I mention there is also a coffee shop in the store? This is the little sitting area.
Yes all of these pictures are of ONE store. There is so much going on!
Just before you thought Detroit could get any cooler there are SHINOLA street clocks.

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