Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#WCW Jenna Lyons

If I could have dinner with anyone living Jenna Lyons would be that person. As president of Jcrew she is a style icon. She grew up in Sunny California and felt like she never really fit in with the high school crowd. She was tall and lengthy, so clothes never fit her right like the other kids. This lead her to making her own clothes leading her hobby into her career. 
The first time I ever hear about Jenna Lyons was my sophomore year of high school. This is the time when everyone asks you what you want to do with your life and you have no answer other than, "Stuff". I grabbed a snack and flipped on the TV after school one day and Oprah was on. I never watched Oprah, but the episode was about dream jobs. Jenna Lyons walked on screen. Since that interview, I have been on team Jenna. 

It seamed as though Lyons story was a Cinderella story almost making Jcrew what it is today over night. That is incorrect. Jenna Lyons took her first job at Jcrew without ever even asking what the salary was. She completely took a chance on her dream job, climbed the corporate ladder and is now dominating the fashion industry.

Who: Jenna Lyons 
What: President & Creative Director of Jcrew. She essentially turned Jcrew around from the "vanilla" style it used to have to the cult brand it is today.
Why: Why is Jenna Lyons our #WCW? I think it is one thing to be a successful and an empowering women, but it is another thing to be that and follow your dream. Lyons can definitely be classified as a dream chaser and that is why she is our WCW. 

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