Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Best Of 2014's Beauty

I am still on holiday break, so in my opinion 2015 has not even started yet. (Reasonable right?) That is why I can justify still talking about 2014. These are my picks for the best of the whole year of 2014. 

1. Victoria Secret Love Spell Perfume// I loved the scent of this. I have no shame in the fact that I still wear VS perfume. I only wore this when I went out. 

2. Clinique Matte Foundation// I have never been a liquid foundation girl until I found this. Seriously this stuff last all day long and gives a matte finish. 

3. Benefit Dallas Blush// I always go from needing to wear blush, to never putting it on. This year I became obsessed with this blush. It is such a great color, and you would never think that it is. It is the deep orange purple color, but I promise its life changing. 

4. TRESemme Climate Protection Mousse// If you live in Michigan you know that the weather is bad 90% of the time. With the crazy weather, my hair tends to suffer. This mousse was a god sent during the steamy summer months. 

5. Dry Shampoo// Taking 19 credit hours this year made my time very limited, so after workouts this was a must. 

6. Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo// I do not have a moister problem with my hair, but this shampoo smelt so good I could not pass it up. It not only makes my hair not dry, but it also makes it feel super thick. 

7. Essie's Bahama Mamma// This was my go to nail color this year. My wardrobe is primarily black, and this was a nice dark color, but also a little colorful. 

8. Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion, SPF 30 // I was given this by a family member because my skin has been horrible for the past month, and I would never guess that a moisturizer could help out. It is super thick and creamy, so I was really skeptical to use it on my oily skin, but this stuff works wonders.

9. Benefit Fawn Over Me// This color is the perfect eye shadow color. It is the perfect mix between silver and brown. 

10. Revlon Wine Not// This was a go to lip color. It was red, but at the same time berry and you could dress it up or down. 


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