Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 Random Favorites

I am not a fan of Gift Guide, but I am a sucker for a good favorites list. I feel like these are my replacement for the Gift guides, so here are is my millionth favorites list. 

Planners// This year I got semi-organized and having a planner really helped me out. Not to mention the Lilly planners are super cute. 

Scented Candles// This year I became obsessed with scented candles. 2014 I was in love with the scent Mahogany Teakwood. I will not be bringing this scent into 2015 because I went crazy this summer and bought this scent in EVERYTHING. I am so sick of it, but I will forever remember this scent as the scent of 2014

Yogi Lavender Anti-Stress Tea// I was introduced to Yogi tea this year, and became obsessed. I was never a tea person, and now I carry a tea bag everywhere I go. The Lavender flavor was my favorite and it smells so good!

Pinterest//*Insert self promotion here* During 2014 I became obsessed with Pinterst. If you need a time waster, just hit up my Pinterest.

Taylor Swift 1989 Album// I hate to say this, but when I hear 'Shake It Off' I will forever be thinking of 2014. It played probably every 5 minutes and at every big event, so it is forever engraved in my brain. 

The Store Lulu's// This was the go to store, any time I needed a dress for any occasion. Their stuff is reasonably priced, and their stuff is unique.

Camel Bak Water Bottle/Between the caffeine addiction, and the excessive sweating from workouts (TMI, I know), I need to up my water intake. I loved this water bottle, it is not just a water bottle it is THE water bottle.

Pure Michigan// I absolutely and completely fell in love with Michigan this year. Spending most of my free time running this summer led me to some beautiful places, and made the whole trip a lot better. Also, spending most of my time up north made this love affair even more intense. 

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?// I do not know when this came out, but I read it this year, and loved every second of it. It is an easy read and I was laughing through the whole thing. 

Starbucks City Mugs// These are so underrated. I loved going to different cities and picking one of these up.

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