Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 Fashion Favorites

I realized that my fashion favorites actually just turned out to be "Stereotypical College Student Wardrobe", but it is what it is. 

1. Dark Wash Stretch Jeans// These are basically like wearing leggings, but more appropriate to wear in public. These are so comfy and you can still look put together.

2. 1/4 Zips// I can not even mention this year without 1/4 zips. I think if I was not wearing "real clothes", 1/4 zips is what I was wearing. My sister asked me how many I own, and my only answer to her was "not enough". 

3.Blanket Scarf// This was such a good investment this year. It is comfy and it keeps you warm, I only had one in December, but I wore it pretty much every other day.

4. Vest// I loved these vest. Seriously it was such a light material, yet it kept you war. I also like how there was a pop of color underneath. 

5. Kendra Scott Earrings// I think all of my friends got sick of me wearing these. Seriously it was a great investment and I think I wore them every other time I went out.

6. Belle Sleeve Everything// I loved this trend this year. The bell sleeve could take a normal shift dress and make it something different. Also anytime I wore one I felt like a cast member of AHS coven so that was cool too. 

7. The Flower Necklace// I could not stop wearing this necklace. I seriously wore this all of the time. Every occasion I threw this on including work, going out, meetings, and sometimes to sleep. 

8. Clima Cool Running Shoes// I mentioned these shoes time after time. They are the best. I would not run with these in the snow, but any other time they are great. You can really tell that I loved them when I even bought the pair of pink neon ones. (And I hate Pink)

9. Ankle Boots// For all of the petite girls out there, you know how great this trend was in 2014. I am still a fan of the ridding boots, HOWEVER the ankle boots are amazing.

10.Van Slip on Shoes// This trend came out of nowhere I feel like. Stores were basically handing these shoes out like candy, and I fell in love. These shoes were so easy to just slip on and look put together for class. 

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