Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#WCW Jenna Lyons

If I could have dinner with anyone living Jenna Lyons would be that person. As president of Jcrew she is a style icon. She grew up in Sunny California and felt like she never really fit in with the high school crowd. She was tall and lengthy, so clothes never fit her right like the other kids. This lead her to making her own clothes leading her hobby into her career. 
The first time I ever hear about Jenna Lyons was my sophomore year of high school. This is the time when everyone asks you what you want to do with your life and you have no answer other than, "Stuff". I grabbed a snack and flipped on the TV after school one day and Oprah was on. I never watched Oprah, but the episode was about dream jobs. Jenna Lyons walked on screen. Since that interview, I have been on team Jenna. 

It seamed as though Lyons story was a Cinderella story almost making Jcrew what it is today over night. That is incorrect. Jenna Lyons took her first job at Jcrew without ever even asking what the salary was. She completely took a chance on her dream job, climbed the corporate ladder and is now dominating the fashion industry.

Who: Jenna Lyons 
What: President & Creative Director of Jcrew. She essentially turned Jcrew around from the "vanilla" style it used to have to the cult brand it is today.
Why: Why is Jenna Lyons our #WCW? I think it is one thing to be a successful and an empowering women, but it is another thing to be that and follow your dream. Lyons can definitely be classified as a dream chaser and that is why she is our WCW. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Welcome to New York

This weekend was definitely one for the books. I hopped in the car for a 10 hour car ride and drove on to New York. The crew spent the weekend exploring NYC and Dancing our feet off at West Point's 500 night. The whole weekend went by too fast.

We went to do the standard tourist stuff the first night, which is always fun. We of course had to take a picture in Times Square. I have never been there when it was so empty.

Here is the picture of us at 500 night. It was interesting to see how everyone's military experience is. And I got to meet some interesting people. 

I also got to do something on my before 30 list! We went to The Met Museum, and yes I did run into Tim Gunn from Project Run way.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Fitness Goals

I do not have a lot of 2015 fitness goals, but the ones I have are big. 

1. In 2015 I will finally run a Marathon. I am supposedly running one at the end of march.

2. My goal is to finally get a 300 on a PT test. I am so close to maxing it hurts. 

3.Do 1,000 burpees in 30 days

Monday, January 12, 2015

Took it Easy

As I said in my previous post (here) I am horrible at making goals and sticking to them. Over winter break I had a goal to read 4 books, workout more, and cook something. I did none of this. I spent most of my days helping my mom around the house, and binge watching Parks and Rec on Netflix. 

It was nice to not have to do anything at all for a month. I caught up on sleep and spent my time just relaxing. It was great, and I am for once wholeheartedly ready to go back to school. This is pretty much what my winter break uniform consisted of. I pretty much lived in the Jcrew Pixie Pants, they are practically leggings. I also made sure to look decent enough just in case anyone came by, or I ran into someone while I was running errands. 


Monday Must Reads

12 Times Anna Wintour Perfected The Art Of Looking Like She Couldn’t Care Less In 2014


Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 Random Favorites

I am not a fan of Gift Guide, but I am a sucker for a good favorites list. I feel like these are my replacement for the Gift guides, so here are is my millionth favorites list. 

Planners// This year I got semi-organized and having a planner really helped me out. Not to mention the Lilly planners are super cute. 

Scented Candles// This year I became obsessed with scented candles. 2014 I was in love with the scent Mahogany Teakwood. I will not be bringing this scent into 2015 because I went crazy this summer and bought this scent in EVERYTHING. I am so sick of it, but I will forever remember this scent as the scent of 2014

Yogi Lavender Anti-Stress Tea// I was introduced to Yogi tea this year, and became obsessed. I was never a tea person, and now I carry a tea bag everywhere I go. The Lavender flavor was my favorite and it smells so good!

Pinterest//*Insert self promotion here* During 2014 I became obsessed with Pinterst. If you need a time waster, just hit up my Pinterest.

Taylor Swift 1989 Album// I hate to say this, but when I hear 'Shake It Off' I will forever be thinking of 2014. It played probably every 5 minutes and at every big event, so it is forever engraved in my brain. 

The Store Lulu's// This was the go to store, any time I needed a dress for any occasion. Their stuff is reasonably priced, and their stuff is unique.

Camel Bak Water Bottle/Between the caffeine addiction, and the excessive sweating from workouts (TMI, I know), I need to up my water intake. I loved this water bottle, it is not just a water bottle it is THE water bottle.

Pure Michigan// I absolutely and completely fell in love with Michigan this year. Spending most of my free time running this summer led me to some beautiful places, and made the whole trip a lot better. Also, spending most of my time up north made this love affair even more intense. 

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?// I do not know when this came out, but I read it this year, and loved every second of it. It is an easy read and I was laughing through the whole thing. 

Starbucks City Mugs// These are so underrated. I loved going to different cities and picking one of these up.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 Fashion Favorites

I realized that my fashion favorites actually just turned out to be "Stereotypical College Student Wardrobe", but it is what it is. 

1. Dark Wash Stretch Jeans// These are basically like wearing leggings, but more appropriate to wear in public. These are so comfy and you can still look put together.

2. 1/4 Zips// I can not even mention this year without 1/4 zips. I think if I was not wearing "real clothes", 1/4 zips is what I was wearing. My sister asked me how many I own, and my only answer to her was "not enough". 

3.Blanket Scarf// This was such a good investment this year. It is comfy and it keeps you warm, I only had one in December, but I wore it pretty much every other day.

4. Vest// I loved these vest. Seriously it was such a light material, yet it kept you war. I also like how there was a pop of color underneath. 

5. Kendra Scott Earrings// I think all of my friends got sick of me wearing these. Seriously it was a great investment and I think I wore them every other time I went out.

6. Belle Sleeve Everything// I loved this trend this year. The bell sleeve could take a normal shift dress and make it something different. Also anytime I wore one I felt like a cast member of AHS coven so that was cool too. 

7. The Flower Necklace// I could not stop wearing this necklace. I seriously wore this all of the time. Every occasion I threw this on including work, going out, meetings, and sometimes to sleep. 

8. Clima Cool Running Shoes// I mentioned these shoes time after time. They are the best. I would not run with these in the snow, but any other time they are great. You can really tell that I loved them when I even bought the pair of pink neon ones. (And I hate Pink)

9. Ankle Boots// For all of the petite girls out there, you know how great this trend was in 2014. I am still a fan of the ridding boots, HOWEVER the ankle boots are amazing.

10.Van Slip on Shoes// This trend came out of nowhere I feel like. Stores were basically handing these shoes out like candy, and I fell in love. These shoes were so easy to just slip on and look put together for class. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Best Of 2014's Beauty

I am still on holiday break, so in my opinion 2015 has not even started yet. (Reasonable right?) That is why I can justify still talking about 2014. These are my picks for the best of the whole year of 2014. 

1. Victoria Secret Love Spell Perfume// I loved the scent of this. I have no shame in the fact that I still wear VS perfume. I only wore this when I went out. 

2. Clinique Matte Foundation// I have never been a liquid foundation girl until I found this. Seriously this stuff last all day long and gives a matte finish. 

3. Benefit Dallas Blush// I always go from needing to wear blush, to never putting it on. This year I became obsessed with this blush. It is such a great color, and you would never think that it is. It is the deep orange purple color, but I promise its life changing. 

4. TRESemme Climate Protection Mousse// If you live in Michigan you know that the weather is bad 90% of the time. With the crazy weather, my hair tends to suffer. This mousse was a god sent during the steamy summer months. 

5. Dry Shampoo// Taking 19 credit hours this year made my time very limited, so after workouts this was a must. 

6. Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo// I do not have a moister problem with my hair, but this shampoo smelt so good I could not pass it up. It not only makes my hair not dry, but it also makes it feel super thick. 

7. Essie's Bahama Mamma// This was my go to nail color this year. My wardrobe is primarily black, and this was a nice dark color, but also a little colorful. 

8. Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion, SPF 30 // I was given this by a family member because my skin has been horrible for the past month, and I would never guess that a moisturizer could help out. It is super thick and creamy, so I was really skeptical to use it on my oily skin, but this stuff works wonders.

9. Benefit Fawn Over Me// This color is the perfect eye shadow color. It is the perfect mix between silver and brown. 

10. Revlon Wine Not// This was a go to lip color. It was red, but at the same time berry and you could dress it up or down. 


Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Year of the Military Ball

So I am completely excited for this year, why? Because I will be going to NYC. Oh and to top it off how could you make a trip to NYC better? I am going to a Military ball. 2015 is for sure the year of the military ball because I will be going to two military balls in the next two months. I am so pumped. This is pretty much the only reason I joined ROTC (Kidding... kinda) Honestly what is better than a black tie event? Nothing. That is the answer. So here are some of the Options on what to wear for a military ball/prom/any other black tie event you could be so lucky to go to.





Saturday, January 3, 2015

December 2014 Favorites

December was such a long month, it started with the week of finals, weeks of family, rest, and relaxation. This months favorites ended up making me look super basic, but what is new?
Kate Spade Phone Case| This phone case cracks me up. I love it because it says cadet, so it hits home for the ROTC thing, but it is also Kate Spade so it you are looking chic. 

Naked 2| So I am late to the game on the Naked palette, but this palette is so great. I love the silver colors in it. 

Blanket Scarfs| You can pretty much wear whatever you want, throw on a blanket scarf and you look put together. Also this scarf is perfect for traveling because you are essentially wearing a blanket. 

Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud| Oh. My. Gosh. This song. Honestly you can throw this song on repeat and never get sick of it.

Burt's Bees Make Up wipes| This is the best makeup wipe I think I have ever used. It helps get ride of acne so it is double acting.

Rayban Glasses| I needed Black Glasses for my ROTC summer training this year, so I go Raybans and I am in love. I usually hate glasses, but these things are so cute and really fit.

Tumbler| This tumbler is so nerdy I love it. I have been super dehydrated lately with everyone's heat on full blast, so I make sure to carry this around with me everywhere I go. 

Thank You cards| Because It is after the holidays I have to make sure to get in all of my thank you cards, and how cute are these?

Winter Coat| I mentioned winter coat choices (here), but this coat is PERFECTION. I could not get over how great this coat was all month. 

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