Monday, December 8, 2014

Urban Decay: Naked on the Run Review

I am the biggest sucker when it comes to makeup palettes. I think with my first ever Ulta gift card I actually bought one of the benefit Christmas palettes (This is eons ago) I love the concept of just having everything you need makeup wise in one palette. The idea of this On The Run Palette is great especially for people in high school, if you use public transportation/ carpool to work, or if you travel a lot. I however am none of those I am a college student so I have breaks throughout the day and all of my stuff pretty much stays stationary. I love the idea of this, but here is every detail about what I thought.  
Perversion Mascara: This is the run of the mill mascara. It is a nice travel size and ready to use. 

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: Again basic black eyeliner, It works and is the right size. 

Stag Naked Lipgloss: I am not a fan of this color. It is more brown, which reminds  me of what was in style for my high school prom. Also there are little sparkles in it, so it reminds me of the back in middle school when everything was sparkle or die. Or so free lip gloss you get with purchase. 

Eye Shadow Colors: These colors were a little too dark for my taste. They would be good going out colors, but nothing I would wear for the day time. I love the rose gold color, that would be fun to add a pop of color without straying form brown. I also like how they put in an extra large highlighter. 

Bronzer/Blush: I wish Urban did pop in inserts where you could pick your colors. The bronzer is too orange/red for my skin stone. (I stick to purple undertones). Also the blush is way too pink, I would not wear it unless I was trying to look like Nicki Minaj. 

Overall I think Urban Decay did a great job, I just wish they had more color options! You can buy your own (here)


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