Tuesday, December 9, 2014

:::Finally Finals:::

Its the most wonderful time of the year again. It is finals time, so that means chugging anything with caffeine in it, showers are a luxury, and hats are your best friend. This is the time of of year where you get 99% of the stress for 1% of your school time. Even though what you wear is your least concern here are some effortless ideas to keep you focused on your studies and comfortable. 

I would say that I only wear this on exam days but I pretty much wear this once a week. However this is the perfect outfit to throw on for a 7:45am when you need to power walk across campus.

For some reason the last week of school is when a 100 last minute meetings pop-up. If it is a meeting with a professor or group project it it good to look semi decent, but still be able to be comfy and study ready. Also this shawl acts as a jacket or if you get chilly in the library it is essentially a blanket.

And at last everyone's favorite end of the year activity, the group project presentation. You have to look decent, but nothing over the top. So here is just a quick outfit to throw on and rock your prezi. 


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