Thursday, November 13, 2014

This Thursday's ING's

These are just the random things I have been doING with my spare time. I feel like I always have some kind of finding that I want to share, so I might as well share it here! 

Photographing// I love East Lansing in the fall. Almost ever time I walk outside I have to take a picture. It stinks that this is slowly coming to a close. It started snowing today.

Drinking// I have never been a tea drinker until this summer when I was introduced to yogi tea. I tried the berry detox and fell in love, now I always have 3 or more flavors stocked up in my apartment. I am a huge of anything lavender flavored (Still on the hunt for lavender ice cream) so the anti-stress tea is amazing. Its interesting to read the ingredients and see how they work the way they do.

Reading// I hate to admit it, but I love everything written by John Green. His novels are so cheesy and high school, but I can not help it. I am currently reading Paper Towns before the movie comes out and it keeps me guessing what is going to happen at every corner.

Listening// This list should just be turned into Bridgette's guilty pleasures. This list is making me look like a 12 year old girl. However, I can not stop listening to Taylor Swift's new album 1989. This girl is a marketing genius. I have not bought an album since Aaron Carter, so no wonder her sales are going through the roof. 

Watching// I can not stop watching American Horror Story. This weekend I went home to "get stuff done" and I watched the whole new season of American Horror Story. The only thing with this show is that I can not get over is what  Evan Peters looked like from sleep over back in the day (here)

Shopping// I have a few skills and one of them is finding random online boutiques. This store has so many unique pieces. Its a little more expensive than say, forever 21, tobi, or H&M, but their stuff is still reasonably priced. I would say these pieces are a mix between Lilly Pulitzer, and Show me your Mumu. How cute is this for a traveling outfit. This for a night out with friends. And this going out shirt.

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