Monday, November 17, 2014

Manners Matter: Maintaining a Professional Email

I feel like its so hard to keep track what is okay and not in electronic communications. Here are some tips that help keep me in line and professional when reaching out to someone over email.

The Name: Your email name should have your name in it, and it should be professional. Something like "Fuzzybear" or a funny pun is probably not the best thing you need when you are emailing a boss or a professor.

Signature: Having a signature makes you email look professional and has additional information if the person needs to reach you via a different medium. This is what mine looks like:

Jane A. Doe
XYZ University
Phone number

Timely: Under no circumstance should emails be answered more than 24 hours. Try to email someone back in the same business day even if you have to reply, "I do not know the answer, but I will try to figure it out".

Short and Concise: No one wants to read a novel. Get straight to the point, and bullet points are always a plus.  


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