Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014 Favorites

Lets just take a nice strole back memory lane to this tweet, I am just going to be up front about this. September absolutely sucked. Looking back on it, it was really funny and I stressed out about things I should not have stressed out about. But everything that could have gone wrong went wrong plus some. It was a crazy crazy month, lots of downs and there were some great ups. It was a roller coaster of a month. Here is what kept me sane for the past 30 days.

Dunkin Doughnuts Ice Coffee: DD is bae 5ever. This past year I was introduced to their coffee and I have not looked back ever since. Seriously this stuff is THE BEST. Normally I get an iced vanilla coffee. At DD I get an iced coffee with cream and sugar. It is addictively amazing.

Maybelline, The Nudes palette: I bought this palette the week it came out in stores. It was basically sold out at every single store, so I ended up going to 5 different places to buy it over priced at CVS. (Worth it in the name of beauty, right?) I have to say that I was not impressed with this palette at first. I did not like how chalky the texture was. I was also expecting to be a Smokey eye guru with this palette and my skill level did not improve what so ever. After a month of laying off this, I decided to give it a try for a day look and I. love. It. The matte colors work great! Also, the top row, second color to the left is perfect for filling in eye brows… Not that my eyebrows are not naturally perfect;-)

Whale Koozie: I lost someone stole my “You gotta regatta” Lilly koozie, so I had to find a new favorite. I think this koozie is hilarious. I used it a lot this summer, but just started it back up. I get mixed reviews. Some people think it is dumb, others think it is cute. I think it is hilarious and that is all that matters.

Patagonia Vest: Everyone LOVES fall, and yeah it is okay. The only thing I like about it is tailgating, and one other thing. VEST!!! I do not care about PSL, Halloween, or boots. I DO care about wearing vest. I grew up in the south and I never got to enjoy cold weather gear, so I am taking in every single opportunity to catch up on vest wearing. I just have the basic black and white vest, and I think I wear one 5 times a week.

PumpUp App: This app is so interesting. It takes in a bunch of your information on your workout like what you want to work out, the time, and equipment you have, then makes a workout for you. I skip some of the stuff, but it definitely brings a new perspective to your workout

Essie’s Butler Please: I get so many compliments on this color. I HATE the color cobalt, but I got this color for a nail art I was doing.  I kind of fell in love with it. It is such a different color for your nails. (ending this one short, how much can you talk about one nail polish color? #basic) 

Canteen Straw Hydration System: I claim to be all military, but I never talk about this stuff. So here it is. Rucking is the BIGGEST struggle, but do you know what the hardest part of it is? Is it the blisters? The fact that it kills your Achilles heel? Is it the fact that it can be 15 degrees out and you still sweat? (Yes that has happened) Is it the fact that everyone KEEPS saying stride it out? NOOOOOO! It is none of those! It is trying to take a sip of your canteen half way through and trying to get it out of your LBV. This eliminates that problem completely and you can finally stride it out miserably, BUT while being hydrated.


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