Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Live Every Hour Like Its Happy Hour

I take the happy hour quote and apply that to the seasons. If you don't dress for winter, it can not be winter, right?  I never dreaded winter, but now that I up north and the winters are soul crushing. I like to pretend that it will be nice year round. 

Shout out to Lilly for giving me a sneak preview to their 2014 resort collection here are some of my favorites:
Allie Packable Quilted Vest
Allie Packable Quilted Vest: There are vest, and then there is THIS vest. I love how this year Lilly went with jewel tones. And the fact that it is Spartan Green does not make me like it any less;-) Plus it also fold into a little pouch so you can take it on vacation.

Devina Lace Tunic Dress
Devina Lace Tunic Dress: This dress is so fun. I love the scallops, the bell sleeves, and the color. Throw on some tights and its perfect for a holiday party, or wear it plain and you are ready for the beach.
Linen Beach Pant
Linen Beach Pant: The linen beach pant is here to stay. I feel like these are an upgrade to sweat pants (wait, lilly can you make sweat pants?) So cute for going to the beach or just lounging around. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

4 Worth-it Tips Learned From Marathon Training

Remember when I was so excited to run a marathon on my birthday, and how that would be such a great way to start out the year? (Check it out here) Three weeks before the marathon I found out that I had to be out of town causing me not to be able to run the marathon. I was kind of heart broken because I had put in all of that time training and I would not even be able to participate in the race. At the same time I was kind of relieved that I could just stop the running.

It was kind of weight off of my shoulder that I did not think I had time to train for a marathon for the next couple of years, or so I thought. It ended up that an opportunity came up, and marathon training 2.0 is in full force. I learned a lot from the first round of training, that I will for sure be bring with me in the second round.

Speed> Distance: I know marathons are suppose to be slower, but I was not running very fast in any of my runs. I wish I would have focused more on the speed rather than just distance. 

Diet: I think I was at my heaviest in my life while I was marathon training. Running long distance actually does not help with weight loss, it is the HITT workouts that help with that. While I was training I thought I could get away with eating whatever I wanted, and I was clearly wrong. 

Not Missing Workouts: My summer schedule was crazy busy, so instead of working out in the morning I would just skip and make it up later in the week. This ended up that I would just skip the small runs when again I should have been working on speed. 

Circuit Training: This goes along with not missing workouts, I would always skip circuit training, and that is something I will be focusing on. 


Monday, October 6, 2014

Favorite Apps

I hate to say this, but my phone is my lifeline. I have no clue what I would do without it. It is constantly right by my side and I am always connected. I hate to even admit that. Yes, phones can add a little stress to everyday life, but at the same time you have all the information you could ever possibly need at your finger tips. Here are my favorite apps that make me completely addicted. 

Dunkin'// True life I am addicted to Dunkin' Doughnuts. This apps has so many coupons and it just fuels my addiction

Spotify// I have switch computers 3 times in the past year. I kind of forgot about Spotify until just recently. I have no clue how I lived without it. All the music you could possibly want is at your finger tips. I absolutely love the playlist that it has. My personal favorite are acoustic morning, Hitt workout, and soothing symphonics.

College Prep// What is better than your favorite blog? Your favorite blog's app.

Pinterest// I love Pinterest and it is even that much better on the app. It takes lazy Sundays to a whole new level.

Moleskine// This is the best note taking app. You can write, drawl, and highlight. It is so convenient when you just need to jot something down.

PumpUp// I talked about this before, and this app gives you so many workout ideas for any skill level.

MapMyRun// This app was a god sent during marathon training. All you have to do is carry it on you and it tracks how far you have gone, how fast you are going, and your calorie loss.

VSCOcam// This is the best photo editor on the planet. I swear by this app. It is kind of hard to figure out but once you do its perfect.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Before 30

As you probably do not know, I just turned 20. This to me is so weird because I am officially no longer a kid, but I still feel like a 12 year old. (Sometimes act like it too). I thought the past two decades of my life have been grrrrreat, but I want to make sure that this third decade is the best yet! I was going to do a 101 in 1001 list, but that is two short of time, so I am giving myself a whole decade to do this stuff.

-Bake a pie (easy enough)
-go camping with friends
-make a super fancy drink
-Read 10 books for pleasure
-3 non fiction books
-go on a weekend getaway
-actually start blogging
-go to happy hour at some trendy restaurant
-have a dinner party
-Go to a different continent 
- Go a whole month without shopping
-Write a novel 
-Declutter my life
-keep my room/ house clean for three months
-Get a passport
-have a semester where I 4.0
-go to bed at 10pm for two weeks
-beat my caffeine addiction
-Drop those few extra Lbs.
-Run a marathon
-Go 24 hours with out electronics
- learn how to tie a tie
-Get a full time job
-Go to an Olympic ceremony
-go a year without breaking my phone
-start mega saving
-be completely financially independent
-See the nutcracker play
-Go on a stand up paddle board
-Participate in a canoe marathon
-buy and learn photoshop
-work on an art portfolio
-launch a YouTube channel
-buy a camera for this YouTube channel
-send 30 letters (not just cards)
-send my mom flowers out of the blue
-Get professional head shots done
-start going back to church
-teach Sunday school
-go to 5 museums that I haven't already gone to (chronic museum repeater) 
- Start having a Christmas tree in my "home"
-Go on Paleo for a whole month
-buy an orchid and keep it alive
-travel to a new country
- visit some old good friends
-watch the sun rise
-"climb" a mountain
-find out my blood type
-subscribe to 3 magazines
-buy my parents a trip somewhere they always wanted to go
-every time I have completed something on this list save 10 dollars
-dye my hair
-get rid of my AOL account
-take on a DIY project
- pay off Student "loans"
-make my blog a .com
-buy Tory Burch boots (always wanted a pair)
-buy duck boots
-invest in the stock market?
-design and order business cards
-run a 14 minute 2 mile
-give the guy who helped me so much with the problems with my schedule the biggest thank you ever
-guest blog somewhere
-go to the dry bar
-watch the sun rise
-Find a scenic trail in Michigan
-Move somewhere other than Michigan
-Decorate my Apartment
-Make macarons (lavender flavor)
-Get involved with a volunteer project
-Go to an MSU sporting event
-Go to a Professional Sporting event
-Become an avid golfer

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014 Favorites

Lets just take a nice strole back memory lane to this tweet, I am just going to be up front about this. September absolutely sucked. Looking back on it, it was really funny and I stressed out about things I should not have stressed out about. But everything that could have gone wrong went wrong plus some. It was a crazy crazy month, lots of downs and there were some great ups. It was a roller coaster of a month. Here is what kept me sane for the past 30 days.

Dunkin Doughnuts Ice Coffee: DD is bae 5ever. This past year I was introduced to their coffee and I have not looked back ever since. Seriously this stuff is THE BEST. Normally I get an iced vanilla coffee. At DD I get an iced coffee with cream and sugar. It is addictively amazing.

Maybelline, The Nudes palette: I bought this palette the week it came out in stores. It was basically sold out at every single store, so I ended up going to 5 different places to buy it over priced at CVS. (Worth it in the name of beauty, right?) I have to say that I was not impressed with this palette at first. I did not like how chalky the texture was. I was also expecting to be a Smokey eye guru with this palette and my skill level did not improve what so ever. After a month of laying off this, I decided to give it a try for a day look and I. love. It. The matte colors work great! Also, the top row, second color to the left is perfect for filling in eye brows… Not that my eyebrows are not naturally perfect;-)

Whale Koozie: I lost someone stole my “You gotta regatta” Lilly koozie, so I had to find a new favorite. I think this koozie is hilarious. I used it a lot this summer, but just started it back up. I get mixed reviews. Some people think it is dumb, others think it is cute. I think it is hilarious and that is all that matters.

Patagonia Vest: Everyone LOVES fall, and yeah it is okay. The only thing I like about it is tailgating, and one other thing. VEST!!! I do not care about PSL, Halloween, or boots. I DO care about wearing vest. I grew up in the south and I never got to enjoy cold weather gear, so I am taking in every single opportunity to catch up on vest wearing. I just have the basic black and white vest, and I think I wear one 5 times a week.

PumpUp App: This app is so interesting. It takes in a bunch of your information on your workout like what you want to work out, the time, and equipment you have, then makes a workout for you. I skip some of the stuff, but it definitely brings a new perspective to your workout

Essie’s Butler Please: I get so many compliments on this color. I HATE the color cobalt, but I got this color for a nail art I was doing.  I kind of fell in love with it. It is such a different color for your nails. (ending this one short, how much can you talk about one nail polish color? #basic) 

Canteen Straw Hydration System: I claim to be all military, but I never talk about this stuff. So here it is. Rucking is the BIGGEST struggle, but do you know what the hardest part of it is? Is it the blisters? The fact that it kills your Achilles heel? Is it the fact that it can be 15 degrees out and you still sweat? (Yes that has happened) Is it the fact that everyone KEEPS saying stride it out? NOOOOOO! It is none of those! It is trying to take a sip of your canteen half way through and trying to get it out of your LBV. This eliminates that problem completely and you can finally stride it out miserably, BUT while being hydrated.

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