Monday, September 8, 2014

Why I love Where I Live

1. It is essentially across the street from the state capital building making our political clubs top notch. (Yes the Lt Governor pops into our meetings from time to time)

2. With being so close to the capital of Michigan there is so much history and places to visit. 

3. MSU has the number one mascot and it is so fun to randomly run into Sparty.

4. Seeing the Spartan Statue on your jog makes you want to sprint the last stretch.

5. There is no better fall than a fall in East Lansing. The weather is perfect, cider is amazing, and the football games are a must.

6. I only live an hour away so my mom can just hop over for a Friday afternoon lunch, or when I have three car loads of stuff, my parents can stop by a week later and bring up another car load, It is so convenient yet far enough that no one can just stop by.

7. I love walking on a fresh fallen snow how it is so fluffy.

8. The fact that there are 4 seasons. This is the first time in my life that I can say that. It is truly amazing how different everything looks throughout the year.

9. The midnight scream during finals week is hilarious.

10. I hate to end on this one, but it is very true, We are one of the top cities for late night food delivery and that is hands down the greatest on Friday nights and finals week.


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