Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What to Wear to Summer Classes

I always end up questioning myself what to wear to class, but I finally realized that no one even gives it a second thought. Unless you are wearing a prom dress, or something crazy people will generally not care. Because I am an unoriginal conformist, I try to dress similar to how others are dressing in whatever class I am attending at that time. Here are my picks depending on what class I am attending. 

I have taken a large array of classes in college (Yay for major changes!) In my more creative classes there are always those people that really try to express themselves through their clothes. (And sometimes hair) This outfit is simplistic and casual enough to be worn to class, but dressed up to look like you did not roll out of bed. Plus the maxi skirt is light so you will not get hot walking to class. Also, the cardigan is great to throw on after being in the air conditioning for a while. 

I guess this would go under classes pertaining to your major. I like to be a little more dressed up for class if I know I will be with these people for a couple of years, or on the off chance I will have a professor again.  Additionally I think button downs are so comfy its pretty much a step up from a tshirt and norts. 

To be honest this is what I will be wearing almost everyday to class. If I have a meeting with an adviser or a professor, then I will dress up a little bit more. If I am just going to class and then back to the dorms, then I will just throw on whatever. This will especially happen if I am not trying to get anything from the professor such as a letter of recommendation. I love learning about the subjects in General Credits, but how often will I really be using philosophy of biology? 


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