Monday, September 29, 2014

Pop the Color and Dance on the Tables

*I know I am not suppose to give away all of my secrets, but this post was originally suppose to be, how to wear neon in fall. HOWEVER news flash to even me, neon is not in style anymore. You are sad, I am sad, everyone is very sad.*

That said, I know the closer and closer we get to winter, the more black that seams to sneak up into my wardrobe. By the time the first snow fall hits the ground I am pretty much wearing head to toe black.  "I wear black to show that I am always ready for your funeral", amiright?  Here are little tips I have to keep the colors alive in your cold weather wardrobe.

The Blue is light enough to act as a neutral, but the necklace brings on the color. The boots keep this outfit fall appropriate and are a little bit warmer.
Real talk this is something more of what I will be wearing everyday. I feel as though it is always raining so hunters are a must. If you are anything like me the majority of my clothes are neutrals so having an everyday pop of color can really help. Also lets be real, leggings with an over sized shirt is the college students' uniform. Add the vest and you are good to go, If you have a meeting throw on a statement necklace. (this Tory Burch necklace is on my ultimate wish list. Seriously plaid and pearls you can not go wrong) 


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