Thursday, September 4, 2014

August 2014 Favorites

The Beginning of August feels like years ago. I have been at school for almost two weeks and it feels like a lifetime. So much changed in August, I was interning in Detroit at the beginning, and now I am away at school.

These are the favorites I had to get me through this past month:

Target Gel Pens// These are the best pens in the world. I would have to hand all of my organization credit to these pens. I can not even look at my planner if it is all messed up and not color coded. I owe these pens a lot for helping me stay motivated and focused. The best part is that you can get them at Target the worst part is that you have to buy a new pack every semster.

Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bar// This bar was life changing. Trail mix is my absolute favorite snack ever, and how can you make trail mix better? I personally thought no one could ever make it better. The people of Clif bar Made it into bar form. I have no clue why this was not thought of before.

No. 57 Jcrew Perfume// Back to the perfume addiction. I did not find out about this perfume until the end of the month, but I am head over heels in love. It is just so amazing. I did not even think about this before, but it complements a coffee smell so well. I can not get over it.

Kendra Scott Necklace// I think I am a bigger fan of the necklace than the earrings. Do not get me wrong I absolutely love both, but I am just more of a necklace person. The necklace was so easy to pair with everything from business clothes, casual clothes, or going out.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3// I have no clue why this is called lotion because it does not moisturize at all. I use this how I would use a toner, and this has cleared up my skin so well.

Jcrew Vans// The slip on shoe is my shoe of the season. I love these shoes so much they are so casual, but look put together. You can essentially wear these with everything.

Kate Spade Cross Body// This bag is perfect for going out. In college I always lean towards the cross body bags more because they are easy to throw things in, but you do not have to tote around everything you own. I love the neutral colors of it, you can easily pair it with black, brown, or navy.

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