Saturday, August 9, 2014

Up North

I have recently come to find the meaning of “Up North”. I don’t know if this is a mid-western thing or just a Michigan thing, but I feel like everyone in Michigan goes up north for the weekends. I have spent most of my weekends heading up to the lake and this is what I have learned. It honestly does not matter what you look like as long as what you are wearing is functional. If you can climb at tree, play volleyball, go water skiing, or simply hang out by the fire. What you are wearing needs to incubus all of this.

|Swimming| Very rarely when I am wearing a bathing suit am I just sitting out. I think just sitting out is such a waste of time and I would rather pay the 25 dollars a month to the tanning salon to get tan in minutes, rather than sit out for hours. That said when I am wear a swim suit I am normally playing volleyball, going water skiing, canoeing, or,  shocking as it is, actually swimming. I don’t need to worry about if everything is staying in place. My favorite suit is this one from target.
Top// Target
Bottoms// Target
 (Active wear bottoms are so much more comfortable I swear)
 Hat// Lauren James
(The hat has a bow on the back!)
Sandals// Chacos

|Hang out during the day| I need an outfit where I can change into a swim suit in the blink of an eye, or one that I can wear my swim suit under. I know I am going to be active in some sort of way. I try to wear something flowy, so I can be comfortable when the sun is beating down. 
Shorts// Lauren James
Croakies// Vineyard Vines
Sandals// Jack Rodgers
Sunglasses// Urban Outfitters

|Night Time| As I get older night time has debatable become more fun. Do not get me wrong, playing volleyball and running around is great, but night is so relaxing. A bonfire is a must and Michigan nights are so cold, so I wear a pair of stretch jeans to stay warm. 

Jeans// Jcrew
Shoes// Gap 
(funny thing about these shoes is that two weeks ago I was just thinking, "why aren't vans in style anymore." They are my new obsession.)


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