Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Week's Favorites

We are more than half way done with August and school is about to start! August has gone by in a blink. I know once school starts back up everything will go back to being slow, but this summer flying by thing is just not fair! These are six of the things that I have been loving this week! I always think that we have invented everything cool and functional, then I turn around and something else that is amazing comes out.

|Kendra Scott Earrings| I wear my pearl earrings every single day. Most of the time I never even take them out. So to switch up my earring game is a big deal. These earring is are so cute and I feel like EVERYONE is wearing them. Plus if I get them in the pearl color it just like wearing pearls!

|Quest Bars| These bars are the absolute best. I am queen of getting hangery (angry because you are hungry) and I just throw one of these in my bag and munch on them. Its basically like eating a candy bar, but very low calories and all the protein you need to not be starving.

|Hickies for Shoes| I have this weird nervous act that when I am about to do a paced run, race, or my PT test I always tie and retie my shoes so they are not too tight or too loose. This can go on for forever until I get the perfect amount of tightness. Everyone thinks its ridiculous, I know its ridiculous, it really is a whole ordeal. That is where Hickies come into play. You use these instead of laces and you can make them as tight or as loose as you need them, and then you do not have to mess around with them again!

|All About That Bass| The song is catchy, but the music video is where it is at. I can not dance one little bit. (Don't feel bad, just because I can not dance does not mean I do not) So I am super jealous of these dance moves. Also, the pastel colors are so fun. This music video is put together so well. On a side note I am not at all a fan of skinny shaming, or really any body shaming OR labeling. That is the only thing I do not like about this song.

|Yogi Berry Detox Tea| I have never been a tea drinker until this tea came along. The caffeine addiction struggle was real this summer.I was in desperate need for an afternoon pick me up that did not make me feel like shrillex was preforming live in my heart. This stuff is the best and actually has a fruity taste. 

|Urban Decay- Eye Primer| This primer can take any sub-par eye shadow and make you feel like you are putting on shimmered butter. Plus I have super oily skin, so even if I am not going to wear eye makeup on any given day I still put this stuff on to keep my eyes protected. Also, I get the sample size and it last for months, I do not think anyone could convert me from the primer.


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