Friday, August 22, 2014

Put on Your Lip Gloss and Pretend to be Psyched

I can not do any crazy makeup trends. The smokey eye, is not my friend and I think I have wasted enough eyeliner for a lifetime attempting winged eyeliner. However, I have mastered the everyday look. The I have a pound of make up on, but it only looks minimal is what I am now a pro at. These are the favorites that I have stuck with for years. 

|Urban Decay Eye Primer|  I have mentioned this before, but I have no clue how I lived without this at one point in my life.

|CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara| I have tried a million and 5 mascaras and somehow I always come back to this. This mascara works just a good as the luxury brands, but half the cost. 

|Physicians Formula Nude Palette| These colors are perfect for day, but you can also transform it into night. I would not use this palette without a primer though.

|ELF Eyeliner| This stuff is the best eyeliner EVER! It is so dark, it is easy to use, and it stays on all day. The real kicker is, it is only about 3 dollars. 

|Clinique Blushing Nude Lipstick| I got this color for free and since then I have book hooked. It is the perfect berry type color. It is subtle enough that your brother will not call you a clown, but bold enough for your sister to notice.

|Benefit Dallas Bronzer| When I first saw this I thought it was the weirdest color. It is almost a red brown color and it just looks off. When you put it on though it surprisingly looks great. It says it is a bronzer, but I wear it like a blush.

|Clinique Matte Foundation| I have super oily skin, so I always thought I needed a power. Boy was I wrong. This foundation is PERFECT for oily skin. I normally would not pay that much for make up, but this last 3 times longer than anything at the drug store.

|Clinique Superprimer| I guess you can say I am kind of a Clinique fan. One thing I have found out that everything beauty related is all in the primer. I love the texture of this foundation it feels like you are putting on liquid powder, if that makes sense? I use the purple color because my skin has a yellow tint to it.


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