Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marathon Training Essentials

In an ideal world you would be able to hop right out of bed and be able to run 26 miles no problems, shin splints, or sweat. Unfortunately, what you do before your long distance runs before the race can be almost as important as the training itself. Here are my marathon training essentials. (NOTE: I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist these are just things that worked for me. They are not scientifically proven) 

|PowerBar Energy Blast| I do not think I have tasted anything as good as these during a long run. They come 9 to a pack and depending on the run I may eat all of them. I try to space it out to eat one every 2 to 3 miles. They have protein in them and they are a carb, so great for a run! I get the raspberry one without caffeine. You can get these at Kroger. 

|Good Shoes| This is probably the most important thing you need. Running with run down shoes is the absolute worst thing you could do. Unless of course you are a fan of shin splints. I love my Adidas Clima Cool shoes, they are so light! (Pictured above). Also I know a lot of serious runners LOVE Brooks. (Brooks are on my wish list and I will probably be getting these next).

|Gatorade| I have done zero to no research on if Gatorade even remotely helps you during a run. All I know is that it has electrolytes and that's good if you are sweating a lot. (Not that I sweat while running, this is hypothetical;) ) I am not one to grab a Gatorade on the regular, but during a long run this stuff taste like angel tears. I am actually amazed at how much i can consume of this stuff during a run. 

|Fanny Pack| aka runners belt. This is the best invention ever. Honestly though if I were to do it all over again, I would get a camel back backpack (here). Nonetheless, the fanny pack does come in clutch. I have this one, which I got it at TJ Maxx (was not even looking for one at the time). I think I would get one with 4 water bottles, but this is still doable. It also holds my ID and snacks. Never thought I would say that I love a fanny pack! 

|Band aids| My feet were covered in blisters. Between rucking, marathon training, and wearing high heels, I do not think that my feet will ever be blister free. I bought a bulk pack and I am already half way through!

|Map My Run| I have no clue how people run long distance without this. This tracks everything from your mileage, to pace, and split time. It is a god sent!

|Quest Bars| I do not know about anyone else, but I am constantly hungry while I have been training for a marathon. Quest Bars are so yummy while keeping me full and satisfying any sweets cravings. The cookie dough actually taste like cookie dough! 


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