Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to Design an Entry Way

The front hall way is what everyone sees when they first walk in. A front hall should be functional and represent that you have your life (somewhat) together.

|Table| A table is practical in the sense that when you need to throw something down, all of your stuff is not just lying on the floor.

|Mirror| | If you are as narcissistic as I am not have a mirror is NOT an option. If I am running off to a meeting I need to make sure that there is no food stuck in my teeth, or I need to add some last minute touches to my hair.

|CoatRack| I think coat racks are so classy and underrated. I actually do not know anyone with a coat rack, but just imagine walking into someone’s house and not having to throw your coat on the coach. (So great if you live in a place where it snows)

|Orchid| If you are a real boss and can maintain real fresh flowers, by all means please do that. However, if you are a normal human being and can barely keep straight what day trash day is, then having an orchid is the flower for you. You get the same effect of fresh flowers, but you only have to water is once a week with 3 ice cubes. 

|Candle| Walking into a home and it smells nice is one of the most delightful things. My personal favorite candle is the Manly Indulgence named, “Ivy League”. (I liked it so much I bought three at the store.) Also, I could only find these certain candles on ebay.

|Mail Holder| My mail always gets lost in this black whole. Having a mail holder is so convenient and I always know where it is. (Plus, how cute is this monogrammed one from Mackenzie Horan?)

|Shoes|You never know when the fire alarm is going to go off, or if you need to run to the mailbox really fast.

|Purse|If you put your bag in the same place every day you will never have the headache of where you placed it this time. 

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