Friday, August 29, 2014

Hashtag Nomcore

What exactly is dressing nomcore? Nomcore stands for normal and hardcore. There has been lots of ways to describe this trend (Some I like, some I don't). I would describe it as normal clothing, as simple as that. Brands are always trying to be the next top of the line luxurious clothing, and yes, I do love that. I love the crazy dresses shown during New York Fashion week, but no I will not be wearing that pretty much ever.  

I see nomcore as the real deal. Stuff you can wear when you have to walk around, travel, or ride your bike. I am a fan of the suburban moms who wear the Tory Burch wedges to the grocery store with their kids, but let’s be real. My time is booked solid from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. I don’t need my statement earing and impossible shoes getting in the way of me going from point A to point B. Not to mention if it takes me longer to get home from school and work on a Friday night, then I have less time to spend with my friends and get ready to go out.

Nomcore is just normal wear that is casual and ready to wear. It is not blinged out, but simplistic. That is why I love Gap’s new ad campaign “Dress Normal”. How much more simplistic can it get? One of the ads said “the uniform of rebellion and conformity”. This is just the advertising major in me, but I am for sure geeking out over this ad.

You seriously need to check out Gap's Youtube channel, I think I have watch all of the videos at least twice.


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